1891 Census for England & Wales

The 1891 census for England and Wales was held on the night of Sunday5 April 1891. For each household, we have recorded the names of each occupant and their relationship to the head of household, their age, marital status, occupation and place of birth.

St George Union Workhouse, Middlesex

(RG12/70 Fol.114 p18)
Many inmates including:
Ellen Cambleton Inmate 24 M? None St Giles, Dorset
Nellie Cambleton Inmate Under None St Georges Infirmary, London

General Havelock: 20 Miles SE from Flamboro Head

(RG12/4144; Fol.168)
Alfred GOMBLETON Crew 28 Mar Cook London, Middlesex

Woodcutts, Handley, Dorset

(RG12/1635 Fol.147 p.5)
John BENNETT Head 37 Mar Carter Tollard Farnham
Mary Ann BENNETT Wife 26 Mar Deanlane Handley
Charles BENNETT Son 9 S Scholar Tollard Farnham
Frank BENNETT Son 5 Scholar Woodcutts Farnham
Eliza Kate BENNETT Dau 3 Woodcutts Farnham
Fanny BENNETT Dau 0 Woodcutts Farnham
Wm GUMBLETON Lodger 57 S Long Crichel

Wimborne St Giles

(RG12/1635 Fol.158 p9)
George Combleton Head 53 Mar Agricultural Labourer Dorset, Dewlish
Sarah Combleton Wife 49 Mar Dorset, St Giles
Henry G Combleton Son 19 S Agricultural Labourer Dorset, Minchington
Charlie Combleton Son 16 S Agricultural Labourer Agricultural Labourer
Caroline Combleton Dau 13 S Scholar Dorset, Monckton
Mary M Combleton Dau 11 S Scholar Dorset, Monckton
Charlotte Combleton Dau 9 S Scholar Dorset, Monckton
Joseph Combleton Son 5 S Scholar Dorset, Monckton
Edwin Combleton Grandson 4 Scholar Dorset, Monckton

Depot Barracks, Fordington, Dorset

(RG12/1653 Fol.92 p.3)
Charles GUMBLETON 17 Un Private. 3rd Dorset Regt Shaftesbury, Dorset

Bradford Peverell, Dorset

(RG12/1655 Fol.7 p.8)
Jos CUMBLETON Head 58 Mar Ag Lab Milborne, Dorset
Jane CUMBLETON Wife 53 Mar Tolpuddle, Dorset
Jos CUMBLETON Son 29 S Ag Lab Puddletown, Dorset
Alfred CUMBLETON Son 27 S Ag Lab Puddletown, Dorset
Susan CUMBLETON Dau 19 S Bradford Peverell, Dorset
Fanny CUMBLETON Dau 17 S Bradford Peverell, Dorset

South Petherton, Somerset

(RG12/1896 Fol.16 p.26)
Charles CUMBLETON Head 31 Mar Shepherd NK
Sarah CUMBLETON Wife 37 Mar NK
Ernest CUMBLETON Son 2 Ilchester, Somerset
Harry SIBLEY Stepson 17 Farm labourer Ilchester, Somerset

Fox & Hounds Cottage, West Newchurch, Monmouthshire

(RG12/4335 Fol.134 p.2)
George GUMBLETON Head 53 Mar Carpenter St James, Shaftesbury, Dorset
Elizabeth GUMBLETON Wife 48 Mar Newchurch West Mon
John GUMBLETON Son 19 S General labourer Newchurch West Mon
Edith GUMBLETON Dau 10 Scholar Newchurch West Mon
William GUMBLETON Son 7 Scholar Newchurch West Mon
John MORGAN Child at nurse 3 Newchurch West Mon

Glen Court House, Pentwyn, Llanllowell, Monmouthshire

(RG12/4366 Fol.55 p.2)
Ellen WADDINGTON Head 66 Wid Living on own means Monmouthshire, Usk
Evelyn WADDINGTON Son 33 S Solicitor Monmouthshire, Llanllowell
Martha ARNOLD Servant 28 S Domestic servant Monmouthshire, Glascoed
Jane GUMBLETON Servant 22 S Domestic servant Monmouthshire, Newchurch East

Llanya, Llantrissent, Monmouthshire

(RG12/4366 Fol.60 p.2)
Thomas DAVID Head 64 Mar Farmer Glamorganshire, Pindil[..]
Jane DAVID Wife 55 Mar Carmarthan
Jacop DAVID Son 19 S Waggoner Glamorgan, Carchurch
Samuel DAVID Son 15 S Cowman Glamorgan, Llantrissent
Mary MADDOCKS Servant 21 S Domestic Servant Monmouthshire, Tredunnock
Elizabeth GUMBLETON Servant 17 S Domestic Servant Monmouthshire, Newchurch

Bryn Mair, Tyncoed, Llanrhos, Carnarvonshire

(RG12/4673 Fol.89 p.4)
James Adey WELLS Head 55 M Manager N & P Bank Gloucester, Cheltenham
Emma ADEY WELLS Wife 45 M Stafford, Wolverhampton
Eleanor ROBERTS Serv 29 S Maid Domestic Flint, Rhuddlan
Edna GUMBLETON Serv 22 S Cook Domestic Wilts, Charlton
Jame WILLIAMS Serv 21 S House M. parlour maid Carnarvon, Aber

Cymyran, Crossing, Llanfihangel yn Nhowyn, Anglesey

(RG12/4679 Fol.80 p.3)
William Martin WILKINSON Head 77 Mar Solicitor Middlesex, St Pancras
Elizabeth WILKINSON Wife 75 Mar Derbyshire, Wirkworth
Charles James WILKINSON Son 37 S Articled clerk to solicitor Middlesex, Hampstead
Lilian Nathalie WILKINSON Granddaughter 10 Middlesex, Ealing
James Alexander DOW Nephew 52 Mar Secretary of charity voting reform Surrey, Southwark
Emma COTTRELL Servant 21 S Parlourmaid domestic servant Middlesex, Hounslow
May GUMBLETON Servant 22 S Cook domestic servant Wiltshire, Chorlton Salisbury

158 Elpin Ave, Paddington, London

(RG12/6; Fol.66; p.73)
John M Bull Head 31 M Civil servant. Clerk War Office London, Paddington
Rosa Bull Wife 31 M London, Kensington
Archibald John Bull Son 3 London, Paddington
Emma Gumbleton Servant 21 Un Cook Hanwell, Middlesex
Emily Hole Servant 18 U Nurse London, Holloway

20 Brechin Place, Kensington

(RG12/32 folio 102)
George Gumbleton Head 47 Mar Barrister at law Ireland
Jessie R Gumbleton Wife 43 Mar - Scotland
Anne D L Skinner Sister in law 42 Un - Scotland
Dorothy M Danger [?] Visitor 30 Un Governess Somerset, Bath
Susan Cox Servant 28 Un Domestic servant Berks, Sutton Weall [?]
Eliza Smith Servant 32 Un Parlour maid, domestic servant Somerset, Blackford

94 Richmond Road, Kensington, London

(RG12/33; Fol.145; p.72)
Benjamin Gambleton Head 51 M Photographer St Lukes, London
Mary Ann Wife 50 M School mistress Henley on Thames, Oxford

Highgate Smallpox Hospital, Islington, Middlesex

(RG12/141; Fol.6; p.9)
Herbert Goude Head 44 S Resident surgeon. MD London, City
Susannah Crockett Matron 44 S Resident matron Worcester, Bewdley
Lucy March Nurse 35 S Sick nurse Kent, Canterbury
Amy McGrath Nurse 25 S Sick nurse Kent, Woolwich
Jessie Gumbleton Assistant Nurse 44 S Sick Nurse Wapping, London
Elizabeth Bellen Serv 19 S Housemaid. Domestic servant Middlesex, Willesden
Elizabeth Mayhead Serv 29 S Domestic servant. laundress London, Pimlico
Margaret Brocklesbury Serv 22 S Housemaid. Domestic servant London, Islington
Lillie Clark Serv 22 S Wardmaid. Domestic servant London, Deptford
Emma Mahoney Serv 60 Wid Laundress. Domestic servant Leicester, Thringstone
Sarah Thorne Serv 49 Wid Cook. Domestic servant Cheshire, Edwardson Green
Margaret Phillips Serv 42 S Wardmaid. Domestic servant Monmouth, Bleinaven
John D P Fergason Serv 26 S Porter. Domestic servant London, Horsleydown
Jane Millward Pensioner 80 Wid Formerly sick nurse - living on pension London, Blackfriars (Blind)
Henry T Turner Patient 34 M Commercial traveller Cumberland, Carlisle
Henry Groves Patient 60 M Metropolitan police constable Kent, Deal

2-3 Bloomsbury Sq, (College of Preceptors), London

(RG12/209 fol 123; p.1)
John James Gumbleton Head 43 Mar Caretaker London, St George in East
Elizabeth E Gumbleton Wife 32 Mar Caretaker London, Hoxton
Lizzie A Gumbleton Dau 3 London, St George, Bloomsbury

Constitutional Club, Northumberland Ave, London

(RG12/215; Fol.112; p.6)
George Gumbleton 30 S K. Clerk Alderbury, Wiltshire (+7 pages of other residents)

St Olave Union Workhouse

(RG12/369 fol113)
John Gumbleton Inmate 69 Mar Bag & Mat dealer Bermondsey, Surrey

58 Clements Rd, Bermondsey

(RG12/376 fol 156)
Henry Gumbleton Head 34 Mar Barge builders labourer London, Hackney
Sarah A Gumbleton Wife 33 Mar London, Finsbury
Annie Gumbleton Daughter 2 Bermondsey, London
Rosina F Gumbleton Dau 2m London, Bermondsey
Fanny R Madden Boarder 28 Un Collar ironer London, Finsbury
Louise Meacham[?] Boarder 29 Un Collar ironer Lancashire, Liverpool

22 Layard Rd, Bermondsey

(RG12/377 fol 8)
Alfred Gumbleton Head 27 Mar Mariner London, Bermondsey
Alice M Gumbleton Wife 27 Mar Kent, Deptford
Emily Gumbleton Dau 4 Scholar London, Bermondsey
Alfred E Gumbleton Son 3 London, Bermondsey
Victor L Gumbleton Son 1 London, Bermondsey

Dilston Grove, St Olave

(RG12/383 fol 147)
John Hall Head 32 Mar Carman London, Bermondsey
Clara Hall Wife 34 Mar London, Shoreditch
Eliza Gumbleton Mother in law 71? Mar London, Camberwell
Henry Hall Son 5 Scholar London, Rotherhithe
John Hall Son 1 London, Rotherhithe
Alice Hall Dau 7 Scholar London, Bermondsey
Clara Hall Dau 4 Scholar London, Bermondsey

4 Eythorn Road, Brixton

(RG12/405; Fol.20; p.43)
Richard Gumbleton Head 54 Mar Commercial traveller London, Newington
Elizabeth Gumbleton Wife 44 Mar London, Lambeth
Elizabeth Mary Gumbleton Daur 22 Un Clerk Biscuit Warehouse London. Lambeth
Ellen L Gumbleton Daur 19 Un London. Lambeth
Richard T Gumbleton Son 18 Un Clerk tea merchants London. Lambeth
Alice L Gumbleton Daur 17 Un London. Lambeth
Herbert G Gumbleton Son 10 Un Scholar London. Lambeth
Mabel E Gumbleton Daur 8 Un Scholar London. Lambeth
Frank E Gumbleton Son 5 Un Scholar London. Lambeth
Elizabeth Searle Serv 18 Un General servant London, Camberwell

73 Kamballa Rd, Battersea , London

(RG12/432; Fol.50; p.46)
Emma Gumbleton Head 40 Wid Laundress Windsor, Berkshire
Elizabeth Gumbleton Daughter 10 Chelsea, London
Fanny Gumbleton Daughter 7 Chelsea, London
Sarah Gumbleton Daughter 3 Battersea, Surrey
Mabel Gumbleton Daughter 1 Battersea, Surrey

44 Lintaine Grove, Fulham, London

(RG12/46; Fol.136; p.38)
Richard Gumbleton Head 56 Mar Carpenter Sussex, Aldingham
Sariah Gumbleton Wife 45 Mar Westminster, London
Fanny G Gumbleton Daughter 18 S Dressmaker Pimlico, London
Eliza Gumbleton Daughter 17 S Dressmaker Chelsea, London
Elizabeth Gumbleton Daughter 15 S Dressmaker Chelsea, London

16 Abbey Grove, Plumstead, London

(RG12/541; Fol.120; p.15)
Walter Gumbleton Head 28 M Granary Hand Shoreditch, London
Ellen Gumbleton Wife 29 M Bermondsey, London
Ellen E Gumbleton Daughter 4 Scholar Bermondsey, London
Herbert H Gumbleton Son 1 Rotherhithe, London

Batterley[?], Rusthall, Speldhurst , Kent

(RG12/676; Fol.102; p.46)
Sophie Finch Wife 40 M London
John Finch Son 20 S Electrical Engineer Herts, Watford
William Finch Son 18 S Herts, Watford
Henry Baldridge Finch Son 19 S Agricultural student Herts, Watford
Eleanor Finch Dau 14 S Herts, Watford
Angela Finch Dau 12 Herts, Watford
Margaret Finch Dau 10 Herts, Watford
Ellen Matthews Visitor 43 S Governess. School Glos, Northleach
Henry Charley Finch 21 S Student of modern history Bucks, Chisheley
Ellen Gumbleton Servant 33 S Cook domestic Wiltshire
Rose Ann House Servant 32 S Parlour maid Oxford
Temperance Climpson Servant 16 S Housemaid domestic Herts, Elstree

Church Road, Yapton, Sussex

(RG12/843; Fol.9; p.12)
Emma Geatrell Head 56 Wid Coal and wood dealer East Dean, Sussex
Emily Gumbleton Dau 33 M Mid Lavant, Sussex
Henry Geatrell Son 31 S General labourer Mid Lavant, Sussex
Albert Geatrell Son 23 S General labourer Selsey, Sussex
Arthur Geatrell Son 19 S General labourer East Dean, Sussex
Harry Gumbleton Grandson 7 Scholar East Dean, Sussex
Willie Gumbleton Grandson 3 East Dean, Sussex

17 Lavant Rd, Lavant, Sussex

(RG12/845; Fol.7; p.7)
George Gumbleton Head 47 Mar Gardener. Domestic. Eastdean, Sussex
Ellen L Gumbleton Wife 39 Mar Eastdean, Sussex

Charlton, Singleton, Sussex

(RG12/845; Fol.24; p.7)
William Gumbleton Head 43 M Wood Hurdle maker Eastdean, Sussex
Caroline Gumbleton Wife 43 M Felpham, Sussex
Percy Gumbleton Son 10 Scholar Singleton, Sussex
Clara Gumbleton Daughter 7 Scholar Singleton, Sussex

Eastdean , Sussex

(RG12/845; Fol.38; p.1)
Harry Gumbleton Head 37 M East Dean, Sussex
Robert Gumbleton Lodger 72 Wid Cocking, Sussex

Hope Villa, Eastdean, Sussex

(RG12/845; Fol.38; p.1)
George Stenning Head 26 M Grocer (master) Sussex, Kirdford?
Alice Stenning Wife 19 M Eastdean, Sussex
Cliffie G Stenning Son 2 Eastdean, Sussex
Stephen Stenning Boarder 73 Wid Sussex, Kirdford?
Emily Howick Servant 12 General domestic servant Sussex, Graffham
Cicely Gumbleton Visitor 9 Eastdean, Sussex

Eastdean , Sussex

(RG12/845; Fol.38; p.3)
Charles Gumbleton Head 35 M Hurdle maker Eastdean, Sussex
Blanch Gumbleton Wife 32 M Eastdean, Sussex
Jessie Gumbleton Daughter 4 S Scholar Eastdean, Sussex

Portsea , Hampshire

(RG12/859; Fol.26; p.13)
George A Gumbleton Head 37 M Bricklayer Crichel, Dorset
Emily Gumbleton Wife 32 M Christchurch, Hampshire
Leonard G Gumbleton Son 8 Portsmouth, Hampshire
Herbert F Gumbleton Son 6 Portsmouth, Hampshire
Arthur W Gumbleton Son 3 Portsmouth, Hampshire
Dorothea Gumbleton Daughter 1 Portsmouth, Hampshire
Walter H Underwood Nephew 7 Shisset Heath, Hampshire

6 Ralle[?] Road, Holdenhurst, Hampshire

(RG12/902; Fol.22; p.38)
Walter Boyes Heaad 42 M Lodging house keeper Hants, Bishopstoke
Elizath Boyes Wife 52 M Hants, Hambledon
Rose Gumbleton Servant 19 S Servant (domestic) Dorset, Shaftsbury
Eva Grant Servant 23 S Servant (domestic) Dorset, Poole
George Crabbe Servant 44 S Servant (domestic) Wilts, Salisbury

2 Laurel Villas, Malmesbury Pk Rd, Holdenhurst , Hants

(RG12/904; Fol.149; p.44)
Mark Gumbleton Head 41 M Carma Critchell, Dorset
Adeline Gumbleton Wife 32 M Hyde, Dorset
Frances Gumbleton Daughter 2 Bournemouth, Hampshire
George Gumbleton Son 1 Bournemouth, Hampshire
William Kent Lodger 23 S Carman Pimperne, Dorset

Eyeworth Cott, Ashley Walk, Fordingbridge, Hampshire

(RG12/909; Fol.81; p.4)
Harry Gumbleton Head 53 Powder dryer Alderbury, Wiltshire
Elizabeth Gumbleton Wife 45 West Grimstead, Wiltshire
Harry S D Gumbleton Son 7 West Grimstead, Wiltshire
William G D Gumbleton Son 8m Eyeworth, Fordingbridge, Hampshire

Boro Arch, Micheldelver, Winchester, Hants

Fred L. GUMBLETON Head 31 Mar Railway Signalman Dorset, Critchell
Ada M. GUMBLETON Wife 32 Mar Wiltshire, Martin
Charlie E. GUMBLETON Son 5 Hampshire, Fullerton

40 High Street, Hanwell

Edward Gumbleton Head 27 Mar Gardener (domestic) Middx, Hanwell
Emily Gumbleton Wife 25 Mar Middx, Isleworth
William H. Son 1y 9m Middx, Hanwell
Emily Marian dau 2m Middx, Hanwell

17 Alfred Terrace, Rosebank Rd, Hanwell, Middlesex

(RG12/1038; Fol.99; p.24)
Solomon Gumbleton Head 58 Mar Wilts, West Grimstead (Epileptic)
Maria Gumbleton Wife 53 Mar Wilts, Alderbury
Maria H Gumbleton Dau 24 Un Milliner Hanwell, Middlesex
Mary Gumbleton Dau 22 Un Stationer's Asst. Hanwell Middlesex
Henry Gumbleton Son 19 Un Clerk Hanwell, Middlesex
Frederick C Gumbleton Son 12 Un Scholar Hanwell, Middlesex

'St Clare', Wilton Rd, Fisherton Anger, Wiltshire

(RG12/1617; Fol.30; p.19)
Ellen L Cunningham Head 31 S Principal of school Suffolk, Ipswich
Ada L Cunningham Sister 23 S Housekeeper Suffolk, Ipswich
Margaret Lampard Boarder 14 S Scholar Wilts, Heytesbury
Kathleen Andrews Boarder 15 S Scholar Wilts, Little Langford
Ellen M E Moore Boarder 14 Scholar Wilts, Enford
Madele M Cox Boarder 12 Scholar Devon, Axminster
Mary E Horne Boarder 14 Scholar Dorset, Horton
Fanny L Atkins Boarder 11 Scholar Wilts, Allington
Madeleine M Moore Boarder 10 Scholar Wilts, Enford
Winifred B Moore Boarder 8 Scholar Wilts, Enford
Winifred A S Hares Servant 20 S Cook. Domestic servant Somerset, Frome
Martha Annie Gumbleton Servant 17 S Housemaid. Domestic servant Alderbury, Wiltshire

Spring Cottage Inn, West Grimstead, Wiltshire

(RG12/1618; Fol.113; p14)
William Gumbleton Head 76 Wid General labourer West Grimstead, Wiltshire
George Gumbleton Son 48 M General labourer West Grimstead, Wiltshire
Elizabeth Gumbleton Daughter-in-law 48 M Grateley, Hampshire
William Spicknell Grandson 22 S General labourer Whaddon, Wiltshire
Walter E Gumbleton Grandson 15 General labourer Whaddon, Wiltshire
Harry G Gumbleton Grandson 12 Plough boy. Ag Whaddon, Wiltshire
Alice L Gumbleton Granddaughter 10 Whaddon, Wiltshire
Benjamine J Gumbleton Grandson 7 Whaddon, Wiltshire
Thomas Rogers Lodger 64 S Agricultural labourer East Grimstead, Wiltshire

Alderbury Union Workhouse, Britford, Wiltshire

(RG12/1621; Fol.118; p.3 )
Hermon Gumbleton Inmate 46 S Agricultural labourer Bulford, Wiltshire

North Down Road, Donhead St Mary, Wiltshire

(RG12/1624; Fol.64; p.8)
Edward Gumbleton Head 30 M General labourer Shaftesbury, Dorset
Annie Gumbleton Wife 29 M Shaftesbury, Dorset
Eliza A Gumbleton Daughter 8 Scholar Shaftesbury, Dorset
Mary Gumbleton Daughter 7 Scholar Shaftesbury, Dorset
Annie Gumbleton Daughter 4 Scholar Shaftesbury, Dorset
Edward C Gumbleton Son 1 Shaftesbury, Dorset

Malthouse Lane, Shaftesbury, Dorset

(RG12/1628; Fol.6; p.6)
Charles Gumbleton Head 66 Mar General labourer (gardener) Wilts, Donhead St Mary
Anne Gumbleton wife 64 Mar Laundress Dorset, Wimborne
Annie Gumbleton Granddaughter 18 S Laundress Dorset, Shaftesbury

St James St, Shaftesbury, Dorset

(RG12/1628; Fol.6; p.6)
John Gumbleton Head 60 Mar Gen. lab. Shaftesbury, Dorset
Mary Gumbleton Wife 54 Mar Shaftesbury, Dorset
Tom Gumbleton Son 35 S Shaftesbury, Dorset
George Gumbleton Son 16 Shaftesbury, Dorset
Fred Gumbleton Son 13 Shaftesbury, Dorset
Bessie Slaine Boarder 6 Shaftesbury, Dorset
George Slaine Boarder 4 Shaftesbury, Dorset

St James St, Shaftesbury, Dorset

(RG12/1628; Fol.50; p.9)
John Gumbleton jr Head 28 M Ag Lab Dorset, Shaftesbury
Eliza Gumbleton Wife 26 M Dorset, Shaftesbury
Bessie Gumbleton Dau 9 Dorset, Shaftesbury (Idiot)
Ellen Gumbleton Dau 7 Dorset, Shaftesbury
Lilly Gumbleton Dau 6 Dorset, Shaftesbury
Rose Gumbleton Dau 3 Dorset, Shaftesbury
John Gumbleton Son 1 Shaftesbury

Breach, Shaftesbury St James, Dorset

(RG12/1628 Fol.62 p.8)
Harry Tauber Head 40 M Butcher Dorset, Shaftesbury
June Tauber Wife 42 M Dorset, Shaftesbury
Mary Gumbleton Servant 20 S General servant (Domestic) Dorset, Shaftesbury

Long Crichell, Dorset

(RG12/1635; Fol.111; p.1)
Uri Gumbleton Head 68 Wid Living on own means Tibbet, Hampshire

Manswood, Moor Crichel, Dorset

(RG12/1635; Fol.117; p.11)
Thomas J G Greenwood Head 29 M Baker Kent. Deal
Mary G Greenwood Wife 25 M Hants, Rothermouth
Florence V Greenwood Dau 6m Dorset, Crichel
Dora E Gumbleton Servant 15 S General servant. Domestic Dorset, Gussage

The Buildings, Moor Crichel, Dorset

(RG12/1635; Fol.117; p.13)
Henry C Gumbleton Head 43 M Wood labourer Dorset, Crichel
Annie M Gumbleton Wife 37 M Dorset, Farnham
George D Gumbleton Son 17 S Baker Dorset, Farnham
Edward J Gumbleton Son 15 Dairy boy Dorset, Gussage
Ada K Gumbleton Dau 10 Scholar Dorset, Witchampton
Ellen M Gumbleton Daughter 8 Scholar Dorset, Crichel
Amy L Gumbleton Daughter 6 Scholar Dorset, Crichel
Emily S Gumbleton Dau 4 Scholar Dorset, Crichel
Jessie Gumbleton Dau 3m Dorset, Crichel

Tormoham, Newton Abbott, Devon

Frances GUMBLETON Head 53 Un Living on own means Ireland
Ellen M McClintock Visitor 60 Un Living on own means Ireland
Bertha Sandstand Companion 32 Un Companion dom. serv. Gloucestershire, Cheltenham
Emily Perkins Servant 21 Un Cook, dom. serv. Devon, Torquay
Myra Dodd Servant 20 Un House Parlourmaid, dom. serv. Devon, Torquay

Woodlands, Weston Super Mare , Somerset

(RG12/1921 fol 76 p2)
Jessie L B Colmer Head 25 S Supported by parents Devon, Fremington
Lily A Colmer Sister 22 S Ditto London
Gertrude Colmer Sister 18 S Scholar Somerset, Bath
Maria Gumbleton Aunt 80 S Deal, Kent
Thomissina White Visitor 85 Wid London, Gt Tower St
Annie Lewis Servant 24 S General servant Cold Ashton, Dorset

Redland Knoll, Redland Rd, Barton Regis, Bristol

(RG12/1988; Fol.109; p.9)
James Colmer Head 60 Mar Chairman, James Colmer, Ltd Alwington, Devon
Lydia Colmer Wife 55 Mar St Pancras, London
Ellen J Colmer Dau 35 Un Hampstead, Middlesex
Marion B Colmer Dau 33 Un Hampstead, Middlesex
Ann B Colmer Dau 32 Un Hampstead, Middlesex
James H Colmer Son 27 Managing Director, James Colmer, Ltd Hammersmith
Clara Colmer Dau 24 Fremington, Devon
Lucy M Colmer Dau 23 Fremington, Devon
Frances Savery G Dau 8 Helston, Cornwall

59 Church Street, Runcorn, Cheshire

(RG12/2832 fol 60 p13)
John Thomas GUMLETON Head 54 Mar Salesman and Hawker Walworth, Surrey
Martha GUMLETON Wife 42 Mar Cambridgeshire
John H GUMLETON Son 18 Stocking knitter Cambridgeshire
Martha GUMLETON Dau 16 Cambridgeshire
Josiah GUMLETON Son 14 Cambridgeshire
Robert GUMLETON Son 12 Scholar Cambridgeshire
Janet GUMLETON Dau 10 Scholar Peckham, Surrey
Elizabeth GUMLETON Dau 4 Scholar Peckham, Surrey

Foel Rhiwen, Llanddeiniolen, Bangor

Morgan GUMBLETON Head 53 Mar Gamekeeper Salisbury, Wilts
Mary GUMBLETON Wife 52 Mar Alderbury, Wilts
William GUMBLETON Son 20 Un Downton, Wilts
Benjamin GUMBLETON Son 17 Slate quarry lab. Downton, Wilts
Agnes GUMBLETON Dau 12 Scholar Carnarvon, Bangor
Elizabeth GUMBLETON Dau 10 Scholar Carnarvon, Bangor
Clara GUMBLETON Visitor 2 Llanfairfechan

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