US 1900 census

The US 1900 census was taken on 1 June 1900 So far, we have had access to only a small number of records but, for each household, we have recorded the names of the occupants, their ages, place of birth and occupation. Birth places of parents are also noted when these are available.

Massachusetts: Suffolk; Boston city, Ward 13

John GUMBLETON Head 38 M Ireland (immigrated 1874) Laborer
Annie GUMBLETON Wife 31 M Ireland (immigrated 1881) Housekeeper
Nora GUMBLETON Dau 9 S Maine School
John P GUMBLETON Son 5 S Maine School
Annie GUMBLETON Dau 4 S Maine Child
Laura GUMBLETON Dau 16m S Maine Child

New York: Manhattan; New York City, Ward 31

Henry GUMBLETON Head 48 M New York (parents Ireland) Lawyer
Mary A GUMBLETON Wife 21 M New York (parents Ireland) -
Jamee RANDOLPH Brother-in-law 61 M New York (parents New Jersey) Clerk
Ellen J RANDOLPH Sister 42 M New York (parents Ireland) -
Mary MUSTJARVI[??] Servant 25 S Finland Housekeeper
Ellen Fr[...] Servant 23 S Ireland Housekeeper

New York: Kings; Brooklyn, New York City, Ward 30

Owen GUMBLETON Head 65 Wid Ireland (immigrated 1871) Blacksmith
Mary GUMBLETON Dau 29 S England (immigrated 1871) Dressmaker
William GUMBLETON Son 14 S New York At school

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