Marriage certificate of Maurice Moses GRUNBERG and Margery GUMBLETON

Details recorded from Marriage Certicate
Date7 Feb 1935
PlaceKhartoum Province
Man Maurice Moses GRUNBERG
Man's age27
Man's conditionBachelor
Man's occupationEngineer (Nationality: British Jew)
Man's residenceJebel Aulia
Man's father Charles Grunberg (decd)
Man's father's occupation
Woman Margery GUMBLETON
Woman's age20
Woman's conditionSpinster
Woman's occupation(Nationality: British Church of England)
Woman's residenceJebel Aulia
Woman's father Leonard George GUMBLETON
Woman's father's occupationChief masonry inspector
Married atGovernor's Office, Khartoum
Margin notes

Notes: Foreign and Overseas registers of British subjects

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