Gumbleton Family History

Gumbleton coat of arms
Gomeldon arms
granted in 1662
The name "Gumbleton" (also written as Gomeldon, Gumbelton and Gambleton) originates from the village of Gomeldon, near Salisbury, in Wiltshire, England. I have been researching the history of the Gumbletons (from whom I am, myself, descended) for many years and have accumulated information about several thousand Gumbletons of earlier times.

Although the largest concentration of of the family remains in the Wiltshire and Dorset areas of England, Gumbletons established themselves in Ireland, Australian and the USA.

One-name study

The principal worldwide organisation concerned with one-name genealogy is the Guild of One Name Studies (GOONS). I have been a member for some thirty-five years and the name 'Gumbleton' (and its variants) is registered with them as a one-name study. Originally, one of the main responsibilities of a GOONS member was to extract all the people of their chosen name from the main UK records of births, deaths and marriages. With the advent of online sources, that has become less of a necessity, but it remains an important body of information.

Online information

I started using computers for genealogy in about 1980 and, since the development of the Internet, I have tried to make the results of my work available online, as far as possible. There are two major strands to the content of this website:

Famous Gumbletons

The best claim to fame must be William Gomeldon who was a seventeenth century jeweller and was responsible for providing jewels for Charles II. Some of these are significant items amongst today's Crown Jewels on show at the Tower of London.

Currently, Bishop Thomas Gumbleton of Detroit is a well-known figure in the US and internationally.

Several Gumbletons are well known professional players of Australian Rules Football.

Gumbletons today

The Gumbleton name is quite rare today: there were fewer than a hundred Gumbletons in the UK telephone directories when I checked them all around 1990. Many of these are descended from a single nineteenth century family and many still live in Wiltshire and Dorset.

My own Gumbleton ancestors

I am descended from Robert Gumbleton, who was born in about 1770 and died in Southwark in 1820.

Other people interested in the Gumbleton name

I am grateful for any reference to the Gumbleton name, worldwide, and will happily answer any enquiries from those seeking information about Gumbletons in their own family trees. Please contact me at:

Steve West's email address

The technical stuff

Back in 2001, when I began to put all my research online, the technology for web applications was quite primitive. The online presentation worked all right, but maintenance of the data was a very manual process. Over the years, it has become even more of a chore, as I have acquired more and more data, all which has to be entered into fields in a database and correctly indexed so that it appears in the appropriate place on the site. There are now several excellent technology options available for managing content and presenting it on the web, so in 2014 I did a 'technology refresh' to use a web application platform called 'Django'. This streamlined the site and make it more scaleable and maintainable.

However, the focus of this site is unashamedly on presenting a lot of facts: as near the sum total of my research as possible. There are lots of words but not much of a multimedia experience and a bit lacking in flashy graphics and social media integration.

Commercial, privacy and copyright

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