Published genealogies and biographies: Burke's general armoury

Gomeldon: Ar. on a fesse wavy gu. 3 mullets or, on a canton az. a fleur de lis of the third: crest - out of a cloud an arm in armour embowed and gloved, wielding a spiked mace all ppr.

Gomeldon (Porton c. Wilts) granted by Sir Edward Walker, Garter 1662)
Ar. on a fesse wavy gu. three mullets or, on a canton az. as many fleur-de-lis of the third. Crest- A demi griffin ar, holding betw. the claws a mullet or.

Gomeldon (Chiswick, Co. Middlesex) descended from Roger Gomeldon second son of Wm. G. esq of Porton. Visit. Middlesex 1663
Same arms and crest.

Burke's general armoury

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