Published genealogies and biographies: Irish and Anglo-Irish Landed Gentry

Irish and Anglo-Irish Landed Gentry: John O'Hart, M. H Gill & Son., Dublin. 1884.


THE pedigree of this family is given in pp. 442-446 of the Third Edition of our 'IRISH PEDIGREES'; but, with reference thereto, we desire to here add the following:

The William de Tracy, whose dau. Alice m. Nicholas, who is No. 2 on that pedigree, was a descendant of the Norman Knight of the same name who shared the guilt of the murder of St. Thomas a Becket, archbishop of Canterbury; and is represented in the direct male line by the Lord Sudely.

Of the first five existing lines of 'Daunt,' mentioned in our 'IRISH PEDIGREES,' we have nothing here to say; but of the sixth line or the Kilcascan branch of the family, represented by Mr. William-Joseph O'Neill-Daunt, of Kilcascan Castle, Ballyneen, co. Cork, we wish to record the family of his first cousin, Richard Gumbleton Daunt, M.D. (Edinburgh), who is (in 1883) a naturalized Brazilian, living in Campinas, San Paulo, Brazil; and who has occupied many important public offices there:

  1. Richard Gumbleton Daunt, M.D., m., in 1845, Donna Anna Francelina, dau. of Senhor Joachim(*) Joseph dos Santos de Camargo, of the noble family of this name, of Spanish origin, in that province, and had:

    1. The Rev. Harold Daunt, a Catholic Priest.
    2. Torlogh, of whom presently.
    3. Rev. Fergus O'Connor,(+) Ph. Doc., a Catholic Priest.
    4. Bryan, a B.L. by the Faculty of San Paulo.
    5. Ferdinand.
    6. Cornelius.
    7. Roger.
    1. Alice (Donna Alicia).
    2. Winifred (Donna Winifrida). m. to the Senhor Joseph de Salles Leme, a Landed Proprietor.
    All living in 1883.
  2. Torlogh Daunt, m. a cousin of his on the mother's side, named Donna Clotilde de Alvarenga de Camargo Barros, by whom he had:
    1. Achilles, who d. in Dec., 1881, aged nine years.
    2. Roderic.
    3. Fergus.
    1. Elfrida.

(*) Joachim: A Landed Proprietor, and cousin-german of the Rev. Father Didachus Antony Feijo, regent of the Empire of Brazil during part of the Minority of the Emperor Peter H.

(+) O'Connor: The Kilcaskan branch shares the blood of the O'Connors Kerry: the paternal grandmother of Mr. William O'N. Daunt and of Doctor Richard Gumbleton Daunt being of that family, and cousin German of General Arthur O'Connor and Roger O'Connor. The Chief of this branch Don Arthur d'Orlach O'Connor. son of the General Francis Burdett O'Connor (brother of Fergus), resided at the city of Tarija, in Bolivia, in 1882. That General was baptized 'Francis Burdett,' as godson of the English radical Sir Francis Burdett. It may be well to observe that the Ballybricken branch of the O'Connors Kerry, now spell the name Conner.

John O'Hart: 'Irish and Anglo-Irish Landed Gentry'

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