Newspapers and journals: Inquest into death of Theodosia Gumbleton (nee carter), 1842

Death from the accidental administration of poison. On Wednesday an inquest was held in the City-road, on the body of Theodosia Gumbleton, who was accidentally poisoned by her mother. The deceased resided with her husband, a silversmith, and her two children, at No. 24 Ironmonger-street. She had recently been unwell, and her mother recommended rhubarb and magnesia as medicines calculated to cure her. On Saturday morning last the mother gave her what she thought was some magnesia, from a paper in a tureen, and went away. At her return in about two hours, deceased said that from the effect the medicines had had, she thought she had been poisoned. The mother went to the tureen and took out the paper from which she administered the medicine, and after reading 'deadly poison' written upon the paper she had taken from the tureen, screamed, 'Oh, I have poisoned my child.' A surgeon was instantly sent for, but the woman died at two o'clock the following morning. The surgeon said that her death was caused by arsenic. Verdict--Accidentally poisoned.

The Era
8 May 1842

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