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Bath Chronicle and Weekly Gazette - Thursday 19 August 1897

Funeral at Clifton
Address by the Rev Dr Glover

With impressive ceremony and in the presence of many sorrowing relatives, personal friends, business acquaintances and old employees the funeral took place at Clifton this afternoon of the late Mr James Colmer promoter and head of the well-known local firm of James Colmer Limited. The late Mr Colmer passed away at his residence, Redland Knoll, Bristol, on Friday last, after a long and severe illness, and no better testimony could be offered to his memory, no greater proof could be afforded of the esteem and respect with which he was regarded, particularly by his employees, than was afforded by the numbers who attended the last rites of burial and witnessed his interment at Redland Green Cemetery.

There was some delay in starting the long funeral procession from the deceased's residence, the order in which this was ultimately effected being as follows:- A carriage, preceding the open car, which was itself drawn by four horses, contained the Rev Dr Glover, pastor of Birmingham, the Rev Albert Bishop, of Birmingham, the Rev J M Savory, of Foxfield Vicarage, Hungerford, and Dr Markham Skerrit, who was the deceased gentleman's medical adviser. There were twelve mourning coaches following in the rear. In the first coach were Mr J H Colmer, Mrs Eyre, Miss Colmer and Miss Marian Colmer. Second coach: Miss Cissie Colmer, Mrs Stanley Smith, Miss Lucy Colmer and Miss Lily Colmer. Third coach: Miss Gertie Colmer, Mr John Slade, Mr G A James and Mrs G A James. Fifth coach: Mr Sims, Mrs Sims, Mr Jeffery, and Mrs Jeffery. Sixth coach: Mrs J H Colmer, Mr G Jarvis, Mr J F Taylor, and Mr T Chamberlain. Seventh coach: Mr H O Smith, Mr Joyce, Mr Lauder, and the Rev J Alder. Eighth coach: Mr Herbert Froy, Mr W A Titley, Mr Frank Dickens, and Mr C B Thring. Ninth coach: Mr G S Brown, the Rev John Davis, Mr Ernest Taylor, and Mr W H Bright. Tenth coach: Mr Walter Walker and Mr W Grant (directors), Mr Walker and Mr J Baker. Eleventh coach: Mr George Cox, Mr G F Powell, Mr J Haddy, and the Rev P Hawkes. Twelfth coach: Mr Kerill, Mr Heber Rickard, and Mr Haines. There were the servants in another coach, and private carriages bringing up the rear of the procession were sent by Mr Howell Davies, JP (ex-Mayor of Bristol), Mr Hosegood, the Misses Wall, etc.

Meanwhile at Tyndale Chapel, which is situated in White Ladies-road, Clifton, the employees and many others who had known the deceased assembled to attend the funeral service. Mr D W Rootham, organist of the Chapel played appropriate selections until the arrival of the cortege shortly before three o'clock. In addition to those whose names have been given there were present Mr S Fox Andrews, Mr D Dullam, Mr A J Purdy, Mr Farnham Budgett, Captain and Mrs Thompson, Mr T B Sargent, while amongst the employees, who were enabled to attend from the fact that Messrs Colmer's establishments werre closed for the day, were:- Messrs J H Blake, W Wilmot, Russell, J Gardiner, Cripps, Rice, Tudor, Salisbury, Christy, Hartree, Bishop, Snow, Johnson, Oxenham, Grifiths, Sherrin, Daymond, Adams, Fisher, Skaife, Chorley, Stevens, Beasley, Extance, Field, Thomas, Jones, Hurley, and a number of the lady assistants.

"Give me the wings of faith to rise" were the opening lines of the first hymn, which was impressively sung by the large congreagation, and afterwars the Rev Albert Bishop read several passages of scripture, commencing with the well-known "I know that my Redeemer liveth". This rev. gentleman also offered prayer.

The Rev Dr Glover delivered an eloquent address...
[lengthy contents of the address omitted]

At the conclusion of this addressthe congregation sang another hymn, namely, "Peace, perfect peace, in this dark world of sin;" there was the concluding prayer and the Benediction. Afterwards the processsion reformed, being made the more imposing by the addition of the employees, and it passed on to Redland Green Cemetery, where the Rev Mr Savory performed the final rites of the Burial Service. It was plainly evident how great the sorrow was of those who were gathered around the graveside as the coffin was being lowered to its last resting place. It was a polished oak coffin, with brass furniture, and upon the breastplate was the following inscription:-

James Colmer
August 13th 1897
Aged 66 years
There were many handsome wreaths and other floral devices.

Mr W H Wallis, representing the firm of James Colmer, Limited, efficiently carried out the arrangements of the funeral.

Early last evening a muffled peal in memory of the deceased was rung upon the Abbey Church bells.

Bath Chronicle and Weekly Gazette
19 Aug 1897

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