Newspapers and journals: Bankruptcy of John Taylor

Date: 2 Apr 1814
Place: Deal, Kent, England

By order of the Court for Relief of Insolvent Debtors. The petition of John Taylor, formerly of Gloucester Terrace, Commercial-road, Middlesex, and late of Deal, in the county of Kent, purser in His Majesty's navy, a prisoner for debt, confined in the King's Bench prison, will be heard on the 22d day of April inst., at the Guildhall of the city of Westminster, at the hour of Nine in the Morning. The petition and schedule ofthe said John Taylor are filed in the Office of the said Court, No. 59, Millbank-street, Westminster.

List of the creditors of the said John Taylor.
Campbell Allen, Shad Thames, London lighterman; William Brown of Crutched Friars, London, baker; William Meredith, Old Gravel-lane, Middlesex, slop[...]; Charles Bennet, Commercial-road, Middlesex, surgeon; Mrs Smith, Blackfriars-road, Surrey, butcher; Mr S Ansell, Broad-street, Ratcliff-cross, Middlesex, linen-draper; Mr Rowed, near Blackfriars-bridge, Surrey, lighterman; John Hair, of Walworth, Surrey, merchant; John Grant, of Red-Lion-squre, Middlesex, contractor; Richard Low, of Lambeth-road, Southwark, gentleman; Messrs Geddes and Co, of East Smithfield, Middlesex, bottle merchants; Mr Tipper, of Deal, Kent, butcher; Edmund Spain of Deal, aforesaid, upholsterer; Joseph Bell, of Deal aforesaid, gardener; Ann Gumbleton, of Deal aforesaid, grocer; Messrs Rickcords and Winter, of Deal aforesaid, wine merchants; Hester Miles, of Deal aforesaid, baker; Mr Iggulden, of Deal aforesaid, taylor; Messrs Halkes and Co, of Deal aforesaid, bankers; Messrs Sorrell and Co, of Deal aforesaid, coal merchants; Mr Coleman, of Deal aforesaid, linen draper; Mr Shave, of Wapping-wall, Middlesex, attorney; Mr Evans, of John-street, Crutched Friars, London, ironmonger; Mr Robinson, of Deal aforesaid, shoemaker; Mr Moore of Westminster-road, St George's Fields, Southwark, tailor; Mr Gibbs, of Ratcliff-highway, Middlesex, tailor.

London Gazette
2 Apr 1814

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