Newspapers and journals: Bathurst Free Press and Minig Journal,1855

Conjugal Squabbles. — On Wednesday last John Gumbleton appeared before the court to prefer a complaint against his wife. Ellen Gumbleton, against whom he narrated the following catalogue of offences. On the previous Saturday she abused him because he had subscribed to the fund in aid of widow M'Gragh. She called him a bastard, and abused his parents. He then threw some milk over her and she threw a cup at him, but stooping down to avoid the blow, the missile smashed a picture. She afterwards demolished all the crockery, and finished this department of the business with the glassware, which, when completed, she tore up a quantity of her own clothing and commenced operations upon his, when she destroyed several articles of his Sunday best. Finally, as a crowning effort she seized a heavy candlestick, and aiming a well-directed blow with it, cut his arm, threatening at the same time that she would have his life. On a former night she stayed in the kitchen, and after he had been in bed some time, he heard a noise at the window which was slipped aside, and upon rising to ascertain the cause he discovered his wife, who told him in [...] threats and her general conduct he apprehended bodily harm either when asleep or at some time when not watching her. He therefore prayed to have her bound over to keep the peace. In course of cross-examination, he stated that when he came in she was eating something and had nothing cooked for him, and that when she called him abusive names he threw the chops off her plate into the fire. He also admitted having thrown tea and milk over her. Their Worships considering that provocation had been offered, and that it was much wiser to leave the adjustment of their differences to themselves, dismissed that case.

Bathurst Free Press and Mining Journal
9 Jun 1855

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