Newspapers and journals: Colonial Times, Tasmania

MISCONDUCT.-Yesterday Mary Gumbleton was charged before the chief police magistrate and Captain Bateman with misconduct in being out after hours the night previously. The constable stated he found her at a quarter-past ten o'clock in the government garden. She denied that she was out there for any improper purpose, but that she was under the influence of liquor about eight o'clock, and the sentry on duty seeing her so, told her that he would put her where she would be out of the way of the police, and that he lifted her over into the gardon. She said she could not possibly get there without help. She said she obtained her livelihood by charing about. The bench sentenced her to two months' hard labour in ihe house of correction. The bench instructed the police to make inquiries of the correctness of this statement, respecting the sentry on duty at eight o'clock.

Colonial Times
5 Dec 1855

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