Newspapers and journals: Bathurst Free Press and Minig Journal,1860

Case of Tetanus.— About a fortnight ago, a little boy about four and a half years of age, a son of Mr. Gumbleton Saddler of Bathurst, fell down upon a piece of old paling, upon which he was at the time standing, but which broke under him, when a small splinter of the wood ran into the front part of his leg, just above the knee. The injury appeared so tri fling that but little notice was taken of it. About nine days after the occurrence the boy was taken seriously ill and Dr. Machattie being at once sent for,, found that tetanus had set in. Violent spasms ensuing, the case as sumed a very serious aspect, and Dr. Machat tie called in Dr. Busby and Dr. Palmer. The result of the consultation of the medical gen tlemen was, that it was about the worst case of the kind they had ever known in the colony. We are sorry to say that after tho most severe suffering the poor boy died on Wednesday evening.

Bathurst Free Press and Mining Journal
26 May 1860

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