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Art Gallery in a Shop

Self-Taught Painter's Wall Pictures
Opened Store On 1s 9d

It is a pity Mr Bernard Shaw has not met Mr Henry Gumbleton, of Tooting Grove, Tooting, London. They would be firm friends immediately.

For Mr Shaw recently expressed a desire to see pictures painted on the wall in every home, and this is just the form of decoration Mr Gumbleton has practised in his own home.

Some years ago, when unemployed, he decided to open a general store in his front room. His capital was 1s 9d, but his enthusiasm made it sufficient.

Then, although he had never had an art lesson in his life, except elementary drawing lessons, he set out to paint pictures on his distempered walls.

His first picture, 'The Pool of London,' was copied from a reproduction in a book.

It was so successful that he soon filled the walls of his hall, front-room shop, and other rooms with copies of masterpieces. He has just completed a set of eleven pictures in his hall, copied from art books.

How He Does It.

'My pictures are painted with water-colours,' Mr Gumbleton told a press representative, as he served a customer in his shop.

'I can do several pictures for a few pence—but they will last for years, no matter how damp the walls may get. I smear the plaster with about six coats of whitewash mixed with boiling hot size.

'When it has dried it is easier than paper to work on, and even varnish is not necessary to preserve the colours.'

He pointed to one of teh sepia views that line the wall of his shop and peep from behind stacks of tins and bottles. It was a picture of the Merton Priory gates.

'I sheltered there on wet day, and I painted it the next day,' he explained.

Art lovers have visited the shop—but Mr Gumbleton is still waiting for Mr Shaw.

Evening Telegraph (Dundee)
4 Feb 1931

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