Newspapers and journals: Report of duel in Co. Waterford

Tuesday Se'nnight, in Consequence of an electioneering Dispute in the County of Waterford, a Duel was fought between Captain Gumbleton, of the 13th Dragoons, and young Mr Power, on Account of some severe Reflections on the Characters of the Brothers of the former. Captain Gumbleton was attended to the Field by Mr. Bolton, a Brother Officer. Mr Power by Mr Miles, formerly of the 17th Regiment. The Parties fired a Case of Pistols each, without doing any Injury. Mr Bolton asked for an Apology; Mr Power would not make any; the Pistols were again loaded, and the Parties again presented, when Captain G's Shot took place about two Inches on the right Side of the Nipple of Mr Power's right Breast, and caused instant Death. The Deceased was Son to Richard Power, Esq. at present a Candidate for the County of Waterford; and the opposing Candidate, Mr Beresford, very politely adjourned the Poll, on this melancholy Occasion, to a future Day. [Assumed to relate to Henry Conner Gumbleton who was a captain in the Dragoons]

Oxford Journal
15 May 1790

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