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Police Intelligence - Westminster
Richard Gumbleton, a working man, was charged with assaulting William James, a watchmaker.

It appeared from the evidence, that the complainant kept a shop at 20 Queen's-road West, Chelea, and he was opposed to the co-operative societies, and on Thursday evening went into the shop of a neighbour and discussed the question with various persons who were not known to him. Among others was the defendant, and according to the account of the complainant, the defendant at once commenced a volley of abuse, and said boldly, that all tradesmen were thieves. To this the complainant retorted that he was a foolish man, and was 'rusty', and suggested that 'oil was the best thing for rusty nails', and that some had better be applied to the defendant.The latter then called him a 'Dilkite', alluding to the candidate for Chelsea, and they in turn called each other 'fools', and 'besotted fools', and 'drunken fools', and in the end the defendant struck complainant a heavy blow on the left eye, blackening it badly, followed this up with a blow behind the ear, and then threw him with considerable force to the ground, so that he was much hurt.

On the other hand, the defence was that the complainant was drunk and thrust his conversation on the customers in the shop in which he was, and |'pushed his face into other people's,' his breath being so offensive that one woman nearly fainted, and the defendant, who had been an abstainer for many years, at last pushed him away, and he fell in some empty tubs and hurt himself, but there was no evidence to show that the defendant had not struck the blows as described by the complainant.

Mr D'Eyncourt considered the assault proved, but under great provocation, and fined defendant 10s. and 5s costs.

This was at once paid.

Morning Post
29 Mar 1880

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