Newspapers and journals: Fred Gumbleton not supporting his father

County Petty Sessions

Tuesday, before Ald. Dr. Wilkinson (in the chair) and Mr F W Dunston.

Not supporting his father.—Fred Gumbleton, of Kingston, Portsmouth, was summoned for not contributing towards the support of his father, John Gumbleton. Mr H G Norton, who prosecuted on behalf of the Shaftesbury Board of Guardians, stated that defendant had been called upon by the Board to pay 1s a week towards his father's support. The defendant was married, had one child, and was in reciept of 18s per week wage. One other son contributed to the father's support, but two others were not in a position to do so. Defendant admitted his earnings were as stated, but said he had to pay 5s a week rent, his wife was constantly ill, and he had to pay 6d a gallon for potatoes and 1s 11d per cwt for coal. He contended he could not afford to pay 1s a week to his father. He had no garden to his house. The bench considered the defendant owed a duty to his father, but ordered him to pay 6d a week only. On the application of Mr Norton the costs were remitted.

Western Gazette
2 Mar 1900

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