Family trees: Family of Muriel Gumbleton of NSW, Australia

Albert John Gumbleton was b. 12 Jun 1867 and d. 23 Jun 1954. He married Frances Stanford and they had the following children:
  1. Muriel Gumbleton. She was the model for the film Muriel's Wedding made by her grandson, P.J.Hogan. She married Thomas Hogan. They had the following children:
    1. Barbara Hogan who m. John Price
    2. Tom Hogan who m. Sharn Unknown. He was alderman on Tweed Council. Their chidren were:
      1. P.J. Hogan the film director (Muriel's Wedding)
      2. Helena Hogan
    3. John Hogan
    4. Vincent Hogan who married Joan Unknown
  2. Dorothy Gumbleton. She maried Jack Blakeney and had children:
    1. Barry Blakeney
    2. Pauline Blakeney
    3. Narelle Blakeney
  3. John Gumbleton m. Marjorie Appleton. Children:
    1. Peter Gumbleton
  4. William Gumbleton. He died 31 May 1952 in a boating accident at the entrance to Southport. He was a tailor in Murwillumbah
  5. Nora Gumbleton
  6. Vera Gumbleton. She m. Harry Brown and had 1 child: John Brown
  7. Josephine Gumbleton. She m. John Francis Williams and had children:
    1. Patricia Williams
    2. Michael Williams (married to Norma)
    3. Janet Williams
    4. David Williams (married to Jenny)
    5. Dominic Williams (married to Moira)
    6. Paulyne Williams (married to Anthony Enright)
  8. Pauline Gumbleton. She m. Peter Golding McConachie. She d. 29 sep 1981, having had children:
    1. Phillip McConachie wh m. Karen Mannix
    2. Michael McConachie
    3. Anthony McConachie
  9. Patricia Gumbleton. She Married John Lindsay and d. 14 Oct 1976. Their children were:
    1. Alan Lindsay
    2. John Lindsay
  10. Thelma Gumbleton. She m. Frank Tohill

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