Armed Forces: Australia WW2 Nominal Roll

GumbletonAlbert Ernest0579628 Oct 1900Perth WARAAF
GumbletonAlfred EdwardNX3642027 Jul 1906Matong NSWArmy
GumbletonArthur JackNX1940986 Feb 1923Bathurst NSWArmy
GumbletonArthur JamesN38986126 Aug 1892Cootamundra NSWArmy
GumbletonArthur WilliamNX334669 Aug 1916Ganmain NSWArmy
GumbletonErnest JamesNX6888221 Oct 1919Matong NSWArmy
GumbletonFrederick CharlesNX1673011 Oct 1911Richmond EnglandArmy
GumbletonHenry13413517 Jan 1924Ganmain NSWRAAF
GumbletonHorace EdwardW485703 Dec 1898Paddington NSWArmy
GumbletonJack Britnall PatrickWX66206 Mar 1902W Perth WAArmy
GumbletonJames AlbertN44895913 Mar 1916Narrandera NSWArmy
GumbletonJohn EdwardNX596419 Jan 1909Murwillumbah NSWArmy
GumbletonJohn RobertN24748227 Sep 1921Ganmain NSWArmy
GumbletonLeila MayNF46224323 Jun 1923Bathurst NSWArmy
GumbletonLeslieNX249836 Feb 1919Ganmain NSWArmy
GumbletonRobert EricNX1339911 Mar 1916Petersham NSWArmy
GumbletonSidney JohnVX4451710 Jan 1918Narrandra NSWArmy
GumbletonStanley FrankNX18115617 Feb 1917Ganmain NSWArmy
GumbletonWilliam AlbertQ14655411 Aug 1903Sydney NSWArmy
GumbletonWilliam EdwardN17005710 Nov 1914Roseville NSWArmy

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