Armed Forces: Attestation papers of Albert Ernest Gumleton

Australian Imperial Force

Attestation papers of persons entitled for service abroad

Christian name:Albert Ernest
Unit:(stamped) War Gratuity Schedule
Joined on:
Name: Albert Ernest Gumbleton
Born in (town):Perth
Born in (state):W Australia
British subject:British
Age/DOB:18 years 3.10.1900
Trade or calling:Clerk
Marital status:Single
Next of kin:Father. William H Gumbleton, 274 Hay Street, East Perth
Permanent address in Australia:As above
Previous military service:Yes 4 years cadets
Whole military service stated:Yes
Ever rejected as unfit for military service:No
Ever suffered from consumption:No
Ditto fits:No
Ditto rheumatism or asthma:No
Ditto mental or nervous disease:No
(for soldiers with dependants) Understand that no separation allowance issued beyond 10s per day:
Prepared to undergo innoculation:Yes
Signed:A E Gumbleton
Oath taken to serve from:21.10.18
Taken at:
State of:
Age:18 yrs 0 months
Height:5 feet 10½ inches
Weight:136 lbs
Chest:33-34½ inches
Date of medical examination:20.10.18
Place of medical examination:Perth
Statement of service
Discharged, services not being required in AIF (Not called up for duty) 27/11/18

Consent of parents or guardians:

Father's signature: W H Gumbleton
Mother's signature: Deceased

Attached correspondence

I Albert Ernest Gumbleton, 18 Kanimba Rd, Nedlands, West Australia do solemnly and sincerely declare that in October 1918 I enlisted for Active Services in the AIF at Perth WA and that as I was born in Oct 1900 it required 3 months to pass before I would be permitted to enter camp. As the armistice was signed in Nov 1918 I was notified that my services would not be required and a discharge was sent to me in due course. I have since lost this discharge and as I require same for land settlement puroses I would like you to forward me, without delay, a Certificate of Discharge, which will be accepted by the Lands Department as evidence of discharge in lieu of the original.

I hope you will give this matter your immediate attention asI am held up pending the arrivalof this document.

And I make this solemn declaration by virtue of the Statutory Declarations Act 1911 conscientiously believing the statement contained therein to be true in every particular.

Signed A E Gumbleton
Declared at Perth WA on 23rd July 1928
before me E B Elliot JP Justice of the Peace

I William Henry Gumbleton of 274 Hay St, East Perth, hereby declare that my son Albert Ernest Gumbleton was born on October 3rd 1900, and is therefore 18 years of age on October 1918.

Signed at Perth this 21st day of October 1918
W H Gumbleton
Witnessed: Vernon Needham civil servant
October 1918

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