Miscellaneous employment records: Walter Edgar Gumbleton Met Police Pension

Metropolitan Police

Pension number: 24,953

"V" or Wandsworth Division

19th September 1921
Walter Edgar Gumbleton
late a Police Constable resigned from this Division
on the 19th day ofSeptember 1921, with pay to
the 18th day of September 1921, to which day inclusive
he will be paid, and he is entitled to a Pension of £153- 13s- 5d
per Annum commencing on the 19th day of September 1921
ength of service in the Force: 25 years 5 days
Age on resignation: 46 years complete
emuneration at date of Retirement: Pay £4-15s-0d; Rent aid 12s-9d per week
Height: 5 ft 9 in
Hair: Dark brown turning grey
Eyes: Blue
Complexion: Ruddy
Where and when born: Whaddon nr. Salisbury, Wilts on the 17th June 1875
Mark, defect or infirmity: Rupture left groin
Date of joining the Police: At Lemon Street on the 14th September 1896
Particulars of service: PC whole period
Divisions, ranks and periods of service: Appointed "H" Divn. Transferred to 2nd 4/1/99 then to "V" Divn 20/5/03
Injuries in service: Rupture left groin
Marital status: Married
Next of Kin: Mary Gumbleton (wife)
Where he intends to reside: 3 Avondale Rd, Mortlake S W
Present address: 3 Avondale Rd, Mortlake S W
Signature: Walter Edgar Gumbleton

Metropolitan Police Pension Registers, 1852-1932
19 Sep 1921

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