Name: John GUMBELTON  F0003 
Spouse 1Jone ALLIES (alias HALES)
Married 1574
Salisbury St Edmund, Wiltshire, England
Child 1 G0574 Thomas GUMBLETON ca. 1574
Child 2 G0576 Elisabeth GOMMELTON ca. 1576
Child 3 G0579 Robart GOMELTON ca. 1579
Child 4 G0582 Katren GOMELTON ca. 1582
John Gumbelton's parents are not known for certain, but in 1574 he married Joan ALLIES in Salisbury, St Edmund's church. She had been baptised as Joane HALES, 5 Apr 1556, at Hurstbourne Tarrant, Hants, a daughter of William HALES. This suggests a close connection to William GOMELDON [F0001] who married Dorothy HELLYER, also from Hurstbourne Tarrant. John and William might have been brothers, but this is unproven.

John and Jone lived in or near the St Martin's parish of the city of Salisbury, Wiltshire, where they baptised four children between 1574 and 1582. Joan died and was buried in the same parish in 26 Jul 1602 but no definitive burial for John has been found. 

Thanks to Les Hatton for researching the details

26 Jul 1574 Marriage of John GUMBELLTON and Jone ALLIES Salisbury St Edmund, Wiltshire, England Marriage index

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