Name: John WALROND  F0004 
Parents: William WALROND Alice WYMBLETON
John Walrond was a son of William Walrond and his wife Alice (nee Wymbleton). She was the widow of Roger Gomeldon [F0002].

A financial dispute took place between him and his half-brother William Gomeldon, although their respective accounts of the matter are so different as to make it difficult to be sure of the truth. It seems that John Walrond signed over to William Gomeldon the title of some lands near Andover in Hampshire (possibly Hurstbourne Tarrant), on the understanding that Gomeldon would take him into his home and sort out a suitable position for him with a wealthy family. John Waldron claimed that Gomeldon had not kept his side of the bargain and had left John Walrond in poverty, and had forced him into debtor's prison for a year. Gomeldon claimed that Walrond had wasted all the inheritance left by his (Walrond's) father. Gomeldon had then given him an allowance and set him up as student of law in the Middle Temple, London, but Walrond had got into debt, and Gomeldon had paid off the debts and bought Walrond new clothes on the promise that Walrond would "become a newe man". Gomeldon also claimed that he had given Walrond the job of delivering some money to several of Gomeldon's associates, but that Walrond had kept most of the money himself. It was the debt of this money (forty pounds) that led to Walrond being imprisoned for debts. Gomeldon further claimed that Walrond had made a slanderous accusation against Gomeldon and Alice (now Wingham), mother to both men. The accusation was made to the Queen and to Mr Secretary Walsingham (the Queen's 'spymaster'). The dispute resulted in a suit in the Court of Requests but it is not known what the outcome was. 

1581 John WALROND referenced in William Gomeldon, 1581, Court of Requests View details

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