Name: Henry GUMBLETON  O0025 
Born: ca. 1810   
Baptised: 2 Sep 1810  Bishopstone, Wiltshire, England
Parents: Samuel GUMBLETON Elizabeth GOLDING
Died:31 Dec 1878 Berthong, New South Wales, Australia
Buried: 1 Jan 1879  Cootamundra, New South Wales, Australia
Occupation:Farm worker  Henry GUMBLETON
Henry Gumbleton and Jane nee Oxford
Spouse 1Jane OXFORD
Married 14 Nov 1833
Long Crichel, Dorset, England
Child 1 P0131 Caroline GUMBLETON ca. 1834
Child 2 P0130 Emiline GUMBLETON ca. 1835
Child 3 P0169 William GUMBLETON 1837
Child 4 P0838 Helen GUMBLETON 1838
Child 5 P1840 George GUMBLETON 1840
Child 6 P0842 Betsy GUMBLETON 1842
Child 7 P0844 Sophia GUMBLETON 1844
Child 8 P0845 Martha GUMBLETON 1845
Child 9 P0848 Henry GUMBLETON 1848
Child 10 P0850 Samuel GUMBLETON 1850
Child 11 P0852 Charlotte GUMBLETON 1852
Child 12 P0853 Jane GUMBLETON 1853
Child 13 P1853 John GUMBLETON 1853
Child 14 P0855 Eliza GUMBLETON 1855
His baptism in Bishopstone, Wiltshire, England, names his parents as John and Elizabeth Gumbleton. However, despite extensive research, by several people, no trace of a John and Elizabeth Gumbleton seems to exist apart from this single event. On the other hand, there was a "Samuel" and Elizabeth Gumbleton who were married in Bishopstone in the same year that Henry was born, and seem to be the only Gumbletons associated with that village, before or since.

Samuel and Elizabeth moved about 15 miles from Bishopstone to the Dorset Village of Long Crichel some time between 1810 and 1814 (when they baptised a child there). Long Crichel was the village in which Henry married his wife, Jane Oxford, in 1833, which is again consistent with his belonging to the family of Samuel and Elizabeth.

It is always dangerous to try to correct perceived mistakes in parish registers but, in this case, it seems like the only plausible solution to the conundrum: whoever drew up the register could have mistakenly written down John, rather than Samuel.

Later, Henry married Jane Oxford and the two of them were early emigrants to Australia, along with their "niece", Martha Gumbleton. If our above hypothesis is correct, Martha would actually have been a younger sister of Henry, rather than his niece. 

2 Sep 1810 Baptism of Henry GUMBLETON Bishopstone, Wiltshire, England Baptisms index
14 Nov 1833 Marriage of Henry GUMBLETON and Jane OXFORD Long Crichel, Dorset, England Marriage index
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