Name: Richard GUMBLETON  P0004 
Born: 1834  Aldingbourn, Sussex, England
Baptised: 22 Jun 1834  Aldingbourn, Sussex, England
Parents: James GUMBLETON Mary Ann JANMAN
Died:7 Aug 1903 Fulham, Middlesex, England
Spouse 1Mary Ann GABLE
Married 12 Oct 1865
Chelsea RD, Middlesex, England
(Died 1867 Chelsea RD, Middlesex, England)
Child 1 Q0017 Alice Jane GUMBLETON 1866
Spouse 2Sarah WOODFORD
Married 1870
St George Hanover Square RD, Middlesex, England
(Died 1921 Kensington RD, Middlesex, England)
Child 1 Q0038 Fanny GUMBLETON 1872
Child 2 Q0050 Eliza Jane GUMBLETON 1874
Child 3 Q0250 Elizabeth GUMBLETON 1876
Child 4 Q0064 Richard Thomas GUMBLETON 1877
Richard Gumbleton was a son of James Gumbleton and his wife Mary Ann (nee Janman). He was born in Aldingbourn, Sussex, in 1834, and baptised in the same place on 22 Jun 1834. The family appears in the 1841 census for Aldingbourn, with James shown as an agricultural labourer.

In the 1851 census, Richard, aged 16, is living with his elder brother Robert's family in Eastdean, Sussex. He is shown as working as a hurdle maker, along with other members of the family.

He must have moved to London and by the time of his marriage in 1865, he was living at 75 Elizabeth Street, St Luke, Chelsea, Middlesex. His wife was Mary Ann Gable, a spinster. They had one child, Alice Jane, but two years after their marriage, Mary Ann died, leaving Richard as a widower.

Richard married his second wife, Sarah Woodford, in 1870. At this date, he was living at 22 Ponsonby Place, Westminster. Shortly afterwards, they must have moved from there to 73, Cumberland Street, Westminster where they appear in the 1871 census. Richard was then a labourer in a timber yard.

In 1881, Richard Gumbleton was charged with assault, following an altercation in a watchmaker's shop, in which the shopkeeper received a black eye.

By 1881 they were living at 45 Caversham St, Chelsea and Richard was still working as a labourer.

The 1891 census shows them living in 44 Lintaine Grove, Fulham, London, and, by this stage, Richard was described as a carpenter.

Richard died 7 Aug 1903 at 35 Walham Grove, Fulham. His wife, Sarah, lived until 1921. 

22 Jun 1834 Baptism of Richard GUMBOLTON Aldingbourn, Sussex, England Baptisms index
6 Jun 1841 Richard Gumbalton (age 7) living in Aldingbourn, Sussex in 1841 census Aldingbourn, Sussex, England 1841 census
30 Mar 1851 Richard GUMBLETON (age 16) living in Eastdean , Sussex in 1851 census Eastdean nr Chichester, Sussex, England 1851 census
1 Oct 1865 Marriage certificate of Richard Gumbleton and Mary Ann Gable St Luke, Chelsea, Middlesex Marriage certificate
1865 Dec Qr Marriage registration of Richard Gumbleton Chelsea RD, Middlesex, England Civil marriage registers
1870 Jun Qr Marriage registration of Richard Gumbolton St George Hanover Square RD, Middlesex, England Civil marriage registers
26 Jun 1870 Marriage certificate of Richard GUMBLETON and Sarah WOODFORD Westminster Marriage certificate
2 Apr 1871 Richard GUMBLETON (age 36) living in 73, Cumberland Street, Westminster in 1871 census Westminster, Middlesex, England 1871 census
29 Mar 1880 Richard Gumbleton: Assault charge Westminster, Middlesex View details
3 Apr 1881 Richard GAMBLETON (age 46) living in 45 Caversham St, Chelsea in 1881 census Chelsea, Middlesex, England 1881 census
5 Apr 1891 Richard Gumbleton (age 56) living in 44 Lintaine Grove, Fulham, London in 1891 census Fulham, Middlesex, England 1891 census
1897 Richard Gumbleton living at 44 Lintaine Grove Fulham, Middlesex, England Electoral rolls
1899 Richard Gumbleton living at 44 Lintaine Grove Fulham, Middlesex, England Electoral rolls
31 Mar 1901 Richard Gumbleton (age 66) living in 44 Lintaine Green, Fulham, Middlesex in 1901 census Fulham, Middlesex, England 1901 census
1903 Sep Qr Death registration of Richard GUMBLETON Fulham RD, Middlesex, England Civil registration death registers
7 Aug 1903 Death certificate of Richard Gumbleton Fulham, Middlesex, England Death certificate
5 Dec 1903 Named as father in marriage certificate of Donald CUTMORE and Eliza Jane GUMBLETON Walworth Marriage certificate
7 Aug 1907 Named as father in marriage certificate of Arthur Charles Hailey NEWMAN and Elizabeth Harriet GUMBLETON Fulham Marriage certificate

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