Name: Morgan GUMBLETON  P0014 
Born: 11 Dec 1837  West Grimstead, Wiltshire, England
Baptised: 14 Jan 1838  West Grimstead, Wiltshire, England
Parents: William GUMBLETON Martha ENGLAND
Died:18 Mar 1914 Whaddon, Wiltshire, England
Buried: March 1914  West Grimstead, Wiltshire, England
Occupation:Waterman, Gamekeeper, Fruit dealer  Morgan GUMBLETON
Morgan Gumbleton with daughter Agnes, holding her baby, Vera Ellen Hazell, outside cottage in Silver St, Alderbury
Thanks to Rosemary Richardson for picture
Spouse 1Mary HAZELL
Married 25 Dec 1858
Alderbury, Wiltshire, England
(Died 2 Aug 1895 Bangor, Caernarvonshire, Wales)
Child 1 P0092 Flora Martha GUMBLETON 1859
Child 2 Q0004 Mary Anna GUMBLETON 1862
Child 3 Q0013 Emma Kate GUMBLETON 1865
Child 4 Q0019 Ellen GUMBLETON 1867
Child 5 Q0025 May Jane GUMBLETON 1869
Child 6 Q0030 William Morgan GUMBLETON 1870
Child 7 Q0037 Alice Edna GUMBLETON 1872
Child 8 Q0049 Benjamin GUMBLETON 1874
Child 9 Q0059 Clara Elizabeth GUMBLETON 1876
Child 10 Q0069 Agnes GUMBLETON 1878
Child 11 Q0075 Elizabeth GUMBLETON 1880
Spouse 2Martha LONGHURST
Married 1900
Dover RD, Kent, England
(Died 1908 Woolwich RD, Kent, England)
Morgan Gumbleton has the honour of being the first Gumbleton to be recorded in the Civil Registration system that was introduced in 1837, and is also one of the few to appear in all the currently available censuses of England and Wales, from 1841 to 1911.

He was a son of William Gumbleton, an agricultural labourer in the Wiltshire village of West Grimstead, and his wife Martha, nee England. In 1841, William and Martha's family were living with William's parents, Samuel and Betty, in a cottage in West Grimstead, where Samuel was a carrier.

In 1851, the three generations of Gumbletons were still living together. By then, Morgan, aged 13, had already left school and was listed in the census as a labourer.

On 1 Jan 1856, when he would have been aged 18, he enlisted for service in the Royal Navy. It is not known how long he served, nor on what vessels.

At the age of 21, Morgan was married to Mary Hazell, the daughter of William Hazell, another agricultural labourer. They were were married at the Parish Church in Alderbury (adjacent to West Grimstead) on Christmas Day, Saturday 25 December 1858.

In 1861, Morgan, his wife and their first child, were living at Finsbury Street, Portsea, Hampshire. He was still listed as a labourer in the census but it is not known what had taken them to Portsea. Around 1869, they must have moved to Salisbury, where their third child Mary Anna, was born.

In the 1871 census, Morgan and his family were living in Charlton, Downton, Wiltshire, the village where Morgan's mother originally came from. By then he was described as a waterman. Downton is on the River Avon, which passes through Salisbury and ends in the Solent at Christchurch.

By 1881, the family had moved to Tu Gwyn, Llanllechid, Caernarvonshire, Wales, where Morgan was a gamekeeper. However, on the night of the census itself, Morgan was staying with John Hazell (A brother-in-law, perhaps?) in West Grimstead. In the same year, his daughter, Flora Martha, was married at the Cathedral Church in Bangor, to John Galloway, a gamekeeper. In 1883, another daughter, Mary Anna, married James Gordon, another gamekeeper, also at Bangor. Morgan was a witness.

The 1891 census shows him and his family living at Foel Rhiwen, Llanddeiniolen, Bangor. He was still a gamekeeper, working on the Vaynol Estate, an ancient estate of parkland and farmland, then belonging to the Assheton Smith family. On Saturday 5th May 1891, Morgan appeared at the Carnarvon County Petty Sessions as a witness, having apprehended a poacher on the estate.

Mary, his wife, died on 2 Aug 1895, at Bangor, Caernarvonshire, Wales. She was buried in Glanadda Cemetery, Bangor, but is mentioned on Morgan's own gravestone at West Grimstead.

In 1900, Morgan remarried in the Dover Registration District, in Kent. His second wife was Martha Feist, nee Longhurst, a widow. In 1901, Morgan and Martha were living at 124 Park Lane, Tottenham, Middlesex, where he was a "excavator, ganger".

In 1908, Martha was admitted from the Infirmary to the Woolwich Union Workhouse. Perhaps she was terminally ill at that point, as she died about three months later.

In 1911 Morgan was living with the family of Edwin Hazell in Spiders Island, Whaddon, Salisbury, Wiltshire. Edwin had married Morgan's daughter, Agnes. Morgan's occupation is described as "Navvy ganger. Pensioner. Railway" so perhaps his work, when he was in Tottenham, was connected with the building of railways. Spiders Island is an area of Whaddon, just north of the Grimstead Road.

Morgan died in 1914 and was buried in West Grimstead Churchyard, where his gravestone still stands. 

1837 Dec Qr Birth registration of Morgan GUMBLETON Alderbury RD, Wiltshire, England Civil registration birth registers
14 Jan 1838 Baptism of Morgan GUMBLETON West Grimstead, Wiltshire, England Baptisms index
6 Jun 1841 GUMBLETON Morgan (age 3) living in West Grimstead, Alderbury, Wilts in 1841 census West Grimstead, Wiltshire, England 1841 census
30 Mar 1851 Morgan GUMBLETON (age 13) living in West Grimstead in 1851 census West Grimstead, Wiltshire, England 1851 census
1 Jan 1856 Morgan Gumbleton - Royal Navy Service None View details
1858 Dec Qr Marriage registration of Morgan Gumbleton Alderbury RD, Wiltshire, England Civil marriage registers
25 Dec 1858 Marriage of Morgan GUMBLETON and Mary HAZELL Alderbury, Wiltshire, England Marriage index
25 Dec 1858 Marriage certificate of Morgan GUMBLETON and Mary Hazell Alderbury Marriage certificate
7 Apr 1861 Morgan GOMBLETON (age 23) living in Finsbury Street, Portsea, Hampshire in 1861 census Portsea, Hampshire, England 1861 census
2 Apr 1871 Morgan Gumbleton (age 33) living in Charlton, Downton, Wilts in 1871 census Downton, Wiltshire, England 1871 census
3 Apr 1881 Morgan GUMBLETON (age 43) living in Short End, West Grimstead in 1881 census West Grimstead, Wiltshire, England 1881 census
3 Apr 1881 Morgan GUMBLETON referenced in Marriage of Flora Martha Gumbleton Bangor, Wales View details
29 Apr 1881 Named as father in marriage certificate of John Galloway and Flora Martha GUMBLETON Bangor Marriage certificate
25 Aug 1883 Named as father in marriage certificate of James Gordon and Mary Anna Gumbleton Bangor, Carnarvon Marriage certificate
25 Aug 1883 Named as a witness in marriage certificate of James Gordon and Mary Anna Gumbleton Bangor, Carnarvon Marriage certificate
5 Apr 1891 Morgan GUMBLETON (age 53) living in Foel Rhiwen, Llanddeiniolen, Bangor in 1891 census Llanddeiniolen, Caernarvonshire, Wales 1891 census
5 May 1891 Carnarvon County Petty Sessions; 5 May 1891 Foel Rhiwen, Llanddeiniolen, Wales View details
17 Dec 1891 Named as father in marriage certificate of Hugh John Bright and May Gumbleton Liverpool Marriage certificate
1900 Mar Qr Marriage registration of Morgan Gumbleton Dover RD, Kent, England Civil marriage registers
31 Mar 1901 Morgan Gumbleton (age 63) living in 124 Park Lane, Tottenham, Middlesex in 1901 census Tottenham, Middlesex, England 1901 census
2 Apr 1911 Morgan Gumbleton (age 73) living in Spiders Island, Whaddon, Salisbury, Wiltshire in 1911 census Salisbury, Wiltshire, England 1911 census
1914 Mar Qr Death registration of Morgan Gumbleton Salisbury RD, Wiltshire, England Civil registration death registers
18 Mar 1914 Grave of Morgan Gumbleton West Grimstead, Wiltshire View details
21 Mar 1914 Burial of Morgan GUMBLETON West Grimstead, Wiltshire, England Burials index

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