Hermon (Curran) GUMBLETON

Name: Hermon (Curran) GUMBLETON  P0043 
Born: 1844  Amesbury RD, Wiltshire, England
Baptised: 1 Sep 1844  Bulford, Wiltshire, England
Parents: Samuel GUMBELTON Elizabeth PORTON
Died:1905 Stockbridge RD, Hampshire, England
Occupation:Ag Lab   
His name appears variously as Curran, Hermon, Armon, Herman and Ormond in the records. He was a son of Samuel Gumbleton and Elizabeth nee Porton, born in 1844 and baptised 1 Sep 1844 at Bulford, Wiltshire. Samuel was a Police Constable.

By the 1851 census, when Hermon was 5, his father had died and he was living with his widowed mother in West Grimstead, Wiltshire, where she was a dressmaker.

They were still living in West Grimstead in 1861, by which time, Hermon had left school and become an agricultural labourer.

They were still living in West Grimstead in 1871, when their address is given as "Part of Woodford's Living, Church Road, West Grimstead". He seems to have remained in West Grimstead, working as an agricultural labourer and living with his mother, at least until she died in 1881. But by 1891 he had been admitted to the Alderbury Union Workhouse.

In 1901 he was an inmate in the Stockbridge, Hampshire, Workhouse. He was described as "Agricultural Labourer On Farm , Hants, Leckford", suggesting that he was residing in the workhouse but working on a farm. It is not known why he had been moved to Hampshire. Perhaps he had some disability that made it difficult for him to live alone but still allowed him to to do farm work, but we have no direct evidence for this.

He died in the Stockbridge Regiistration District, Hampshire, in 1905. He never married. 

1844 Birth registration of Curran [?] GUMBLETON Amesbury RD (Registration district), Wiltshire, England Civil registration birth registers
1 Sep 1844 Baptism of Hermon GUMBLETON Bulford, Wiltshire, England Baptisms index
30 Mar 1851 Armon GUMBLETON (age 5) living in West Grimstead in 1851 census West Grimstead, Wiltshire, England 1851 census
7 Apr 1861 Hermon Gumbleton (age 16) living in West Grimstead in 1861 census West Grimstead, Wiltshire, England 1861 census
2 Apr 1871 Ormond GUMBLETON (age 26) living in Part of Woodford's Living, Church Road, West Grimstead, Wilts in 1871 census West Grimstead, Wiltshire, England 1871 census
3 Apr 1881 Herman GOMBLETON (age 36) living in Harris Living, West Grimstead in 1881 census West Grimstead, Wiltshire, England 1881 census
5 Apr 1891 Hermon Gumbleton (age 46) living in Alderbury Union Workhouse, Britford, Wiltshire in 1891 census Britford, Wiltshire, England 1891 census
31 Mar 1901 Hermon Gumbelton (age 63) living in Work House, Stockbridge, Hampshire in 1901 census Stockbridge, Hampshire, England 1901 census
1905 Death registration of Hermon GUMBLETON Stockbridge RD, Hampshire, England Civil registration death registers

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