George William GUMBLETON

Name: George William GUMBLETON  P0091 
Born: 1859  Chichester RD, Sussex, England
Parents: Samuel GUMBLETON Caroline AYLING
Died:1927 Chichester RD, Sussex, England
Spouse 1Rose UNKNOWN
Married 1890
Portsea RD, Hampshire, England
George Williiam Gumbleton was a son of Samuel Gumbleton and Caroline, nee Ayling. In 1861, the family were living at 13 Chapel Street, Chichester, Sussex: Samuel was a labourer and Caroline was a charwoman.

As a young man, George joined the Royal Sussex Infantry Militia then, at the age of 20, he enlisted with the British army. In September 1880, he was transferred to the 1st/25th Foot, with whom he served for over 10 years as a private.

In January 1880, he travelled with his regiment to India, on HMS Crocodile. He returned to England in October 1889, on HMS Malabar. Back in England, he was transferred to the army reserve, then, in July 1890, he was discharged.

During his service with the army, he twice received small pay rises for good conduct.

He was married in that year and went on to work as a hire carter. 

1859 Birth registration of George William GUMBLETON Chichester RD, Sussex, England Civil registration birth registers
7 Apr 1861 George GUMBLEDON (age 2) living in 13 Chapel Street, Chichester, Sussex in 1861 census Chichester, Sussex, England 1861 census
19 Jul 1879 Service record of George Gumbleton View details
1890 Mar Qr Marriage registration of George William Gumbleton Portsea RD, Hampshire, England Civil marriage registers
31 Mar 1901 George Gumbleton (age 41) living in 26 North St, Warblington, Hants in 1901 census Warblington, Hampshire, England 1901 census
2 Apr 1911 George GUMBELTON (age 52) living in 118 St Pancras Chichester in 1911 census Chichester, Sussex, England 1911 census
1927 Sep Qr Death registration of George GUMBLETON Chichester RD, Sussex, England Civil registration death registers

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