Mary Sybil Macfarlane WOODFIN

Name: Mary Sybil Macfarlane WOODFIN  Q0042a 
Born: 1883   
Parents: Richard WOODFIN (barrister)   
Died:1973 Weston RD, Somerset, England
Occupation:  Mary Sybil Macfarlane WOODFIN
She is seated, holding her son, Richard
Spouse 1Richard Thomas GUMBLETON
Married 1912
Kensington RD, Middlesex, England
(Died 1925 Bexley, Kent, England)
Child 1 R0126 Mary Sybil R GUMBLETON 1913
Child 2 R0109 Richard Frank Haworth GUMBLETON 1917
5 Jun 1912 Marriage certificate of Richard Thomas GUMBLETON and Mary Sybil McFarlane WOODFIN South Kensington Marriage certificate
6 Oct 1925 Mary Sybil Macfarlane WOODFIN referenced in Will of Richard Thomas Gumbleton Bexley, Kent View details
1 Jun 1939 1939 Register: Mary S M T Gumbleton living in Cuckfield Urban District Cuckfield Urban District 1939 Register
1973 Mar Death registration of Mary Sybil M Gumbleton Weston RD, Somerset, England Civil registration death registers
11 Oct 1973 Will of Mary Sybil McFarlane Gumbleton Cleeve, Bristol View details

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