Name: Ann GAMBLETON  Q0786 
Born: ca. 1868  Deptford, Kent, England
Died:1955 East Ham RD, Middlesex, England
Spouse 1Timothy Bowen or Edward SULLIVAN
Married 1889
Poplar RD, Middlesex, England
Ann GAMBLETON is believed to be a daughter of James GUMBLETON, or GAMBLETON, and his wife Ann, nee LENIHIN. However, the index of birth registrations gives her name as Ann GAMBLING. She was born in 1867 in Deptford, Kent. Here father was a Londoner, but her mother was from Ireland.

In the 1871 census, the family (recorded as GRUMBLETON) were living at 103 Butler Street, West Ham and Ann was aged 3. In the following year, her father James died and the 1881 census shows the family, headed by the widowed mother, living at 5 Katherine Place, Poplar. The mother was working as a charwoman and Ann, aged 13, was at school.

Ann was married in the Poplar district, in 1889. Her husbands name appears, from the marriage index, to be Timothy BOWEN, but later records show that she was married to Edward SULLIVAN. This inconsistency has not yet been resolved.

The 1901 census shows Edward and Annie SULLIVAN living at 25, Cotton St, Poplar, Middlesex with six children and Ann's widowed mother. Edward SULLIVAN was a Boiler scaler.

The 1939 register shows Ann, now reverted to her maiden name of GAMBLETON, living in the Sage household in East Ham.

Ann GAMBLETON died in 1955 in East Ham. 

1867 Mar Birth registration of Ann GAMBLING Greenwich RD, Kent, England Civil registration birth registers
2 Apr 1871 Ann GRUMBLETON (age 3) living in 103 Butler Street?, West Ham in 1871 census West Ham, Essex, England 1871 census
3 Apr 1881 Annie GAMBLETON (age 13) living in 5 Katherine Place, Poplar in 1881 census Poplar, Middlesex, England 1881 census
1889 Jun Qr Marriage registration of Ann Gambleton Poplar RD, Middlesex, England Civil marriage registers
31 Mar 1901 Annie Sullivan (age 35) living in 25, Cotton St, Poplar, Middlesex in 1901 census Poplar, Middlesex, England 1901 census
1 Jun 1939 1939 Register: Ann Gambleton living in East Ham County Borough East Ham County Borough 1939 Register
1955 Dec Qr Death registration of Ann GAMBLETON East Ham RD, Middlesex, England Civil registration death registers

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