William John Rees GUMBLETON

Name: William John Rees GUMBLETON  R0078 
Born: 8 Aug 1912  Bedwellty RD, Monmouthshire, Wales
Parents: John GUMBLETON Harriet REES
Died:1970 Bedwellty RD, Monmouthshire, Wales
Occupation:Leading seaman (RN) and colliery shaftsman  William John Rees GUMBLETON
In uniform: William John Rees Gumbleton ca1936.
With his father, grandfather and son.
Thanks to John Gumbleton for the picture
Note: Information about later generations may be excluded for reasons of privacy
Spouse 1Vera Alice BRINKWORTH
Married 1934
Bedwellty RD, Monmouthshire, Wales
(Died 4 Dec 2003 Caerphilly RD, Glamorganshire, Wales)
In World War II, he served as a Leading Seaman on HMS Exeter, seeing action at the Battle of the River Plate, Montevideo. This was the first naval battle of the war and was an encounter between the allied navy and the German cruiser, Admiral Graf Spee. In the King's Birthday Honours, for 1940, he was awarded the Distinguished Service Medal (DSM)—a medal awarded for for bravery and resourcefulness on active service at sea. The citation is given in the London Gazette dated 11th July 1940, issue 34893, page 4258. He was pictured in the South Wales Gazette dated 15th March 1940, and again 22nd May 1942.

The four Abertillery men who served on Exeter, were given civic receptions every time they were on shore leave.

He was a shaftsman at the Six Bells Colliery, and also received the British Empire Medal (BEM), The citation is given in the London Gazette page 29 dated 01 January 1963.

He was also known as 'Bob'

He died in September 1970 

Thanks to Bryan Boots for information about William Gumbleton

1912 Sep Qr Birth registration of William J R GUMBLETON Bedwellty RD, Monmouthshire, Wales Civil registration birth registers
1934 Dec Qr Marriage registration of William J R Gumbleton Bedwellty RD, Monmouthshire, Wales Civil marriage registers
1 Jan 1963 Recipients of British Empire Medal Abertillery View details
1970 Sep Death registration of William John R Gumbleton Solihull RD, Warwickshire, England Civil registration death registers
10 Sep 1970 Will of William John Rees Gumbleton Blackwood, Monmouthshire View details

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