Salisbury St Martin, Wiltshire, England

Events associated with Salisbury St Martin, Wiltshire, England

5 Jun 1574 Baptism of Thomas GUMMELTON Thomas GUMBLETON Baptisms index
3 Jun 1576 Baptism of Elsabeth GOMMELTON Elisabeth GOMMELTON Baptisms index
14 Apr 1577 Burial of Elisabeth GOMMELTON Elisabeth GOMMELTON Burials index
1 Sep 1579 Baptism of Robart GOMELTON Robart GOMELTON Baptisms index
22 Aug 1582 Baptism of Katren GOMELTON Katren GOMELTON Baptisms index
30 Sep 1601 Marriage of Kathren GUMELDON and John GRYNE Katren GOMELTON Marriage index
16 Jan 1601/2 Marriage of Robart GUMELTON and Margarit SHELLA Robart GOMELTON Marriage index
26 Jul 1602 Burial of Jone GUMMELTON Jone ALLIES (alias HALES) Burials index
26 Nov 1602 Baptism of Elizabeth GOMMELTON Elizabeth GOMMELTON Baptisms index
24 Aug 1636 Marriage of John GUMBLETON and Mary LYME John GUMBLETON Marriage index
2 Nov 1637 Baptism of Mary GOMBLETON Mary GOMBLETON Baptisms index
22 Sep 1639 Baptism of Mary GOMBLETON Mary GOMBLETON Baptisms index
1 May 1641 Baptism of John GOMBLETON John GUMBLETON Baptisms index
8 Jan 1642 Baptism of Walter GOMBLETON Walter GOMBLETON Baptisms index
30 Nov 1642 Burial of Joane Gombleton Burials index
4 Aug 1644 Burial of John Gombleton John GUMBLETON Burials index
23 Aug 1645 Burial of John GUMBLETON Burials index
10 Jun 1646 Baptism of John GOMBLETON John GOMBLETON Baptisms index
9 Oct 1713 Baptism of Anne GUMBLETON Anne GUMBLETON Baptisms index
18 Oct 1721 Marriage of Elizabeth GUMBLETON and George BACON Elizabeth GUMBLETON Marriage index
26 Dec 1730 Marriage of Anne GUMBLETON and Nicholas PARNELL Ann GUMBLETON Marriage index
4 Aug 1746 Marriage of John GUMBLETON and Ester THORNTON John GUMBLETON Marriage index
8 Jul 1764 Baptism of Ann GUMBLETON Ann GUMBLETON Baptisms index
8 Jul 1764 Baptism of Elenor GUMBLETON Eleanor GUMBLETON Baptisms index
12 Jan 1790/91 Marriage of Thomas GUMBLETON and Mary LEWIS (banns book has LAWES) Thomas GUMBLETON Marriage index
29 May 1791 Baptism of James Thomas GUMBLETON James Thomas GUMBLETON Baptisms index

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