Court proceedings: Cork Petty Sessions, May 1900

Petty Sessions Court Register

Date of order: 11 May 1900
Names of Justices: AC Horne RM
JGF Lanahan
T Farrell
Wm Broderick
Complainant: Headconstable James Kiarney of Youghal
Defendant: Harry Gumbleton of Flannery's Court, Youghal
Cause of complaint: That defendant has refused and omitted to contribute towards the support and maintenance of his two children Lizzie Ellen and Mary Josephine Gumbleton who were committed to Saint Colmans [?] Industrial School at Queenstown from this Petty Sessions on the 24th of February 1899 and that said children are still inmates of said industrial school and maintained therein
Particulars of order or dismissal: Adjourned for Def[endan]ts. Sol[icito]r[?} to next Court day.

Sessions Court Register
11 May 1900

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