Court proceedings: Cork Prison Gaol Book, 1909

Former ref:
No of times C:
No. of times R:
No: 866
Names: Harry Gumbleton
Age: 41
Height: 5ft 6in
Hair: Sp?
Eyes: Bl
Complexion: Fr
Marks on person: H.M. in right f arm
cross ft of left f arm
H.G. end of left f arm
Blind left eye
Weight on adm: 168
Weight on disch:
Where born: Curraglass Co Cork
Last residence: Youghall
Next of kin: W Margt
Trade or occupation: Labr
Married or single: M
Religion: RC
Degree of education: RW
Date on remand:
Date for trial:
Date under sentence: 18/6
Offence: Assault
Court from which convicted: Youghal PS
Sentence: 1 c mo
Fine, bail or hard labour: 17th on bail
Expiration of sentence: 17/8/09
After reference:
Further remarks: Bailed 16/7/09 & Dis 17/7/09

Gaol Book
18 Jun 1909

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