Court proceedings: Cork Petty Sessions, April 1899

Petty Sessions Court Register

Date of order: 5 April 1899
Names of Justices: J Kilbride Esq RM
Complainant: Francis Mackey steward Kilmore Hill Tallow
Defendant: Isabella M Gumbleton, Lisnabrin
Witnesses: For Compt. Francis Mackey
For Deft. Self appears Isabella M Gumbleton
Cause of complaint: Wages. That you the defendant neglected to pay Complainant the sum of £2-0-0 due to Complainant as Steward at Glanatore in said district and county due up to and ending the 14th of March 1899
Particulars of order or dismissal: Defendant ordered to pay for wages etc one pound & costs two shillings, and in default of payment warrant of distress to issue, sixpence cost thereof & said sums to be levied by distress

Sessions Court Register
5 Apr 1899

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