Court proceedings: John Gumbleton , theft: pick pocketing, 06 Sep 1753

John Gumbleton , theft: pick pocketing, 06 Sep 1753.

The Proceedings of the Old Bailey Ref: t17530906-1

John Gumbleton , was indicted for stealing one linnen handkerchief, val. 2 s. the goods of Richard Salvay , Esq; privately from his person.

Richard Salvay . About 11 at night, as I was going home by the watch-house in Leadenhall-street, I heard somebody behind me say, You dog, what do you want to follow that gentleman; you mean no good. I turn'd about, and saw John Grant had hold on the prisoner by the arm; the prisoner was standing in a posture up against the wall, as though he was making water. Mr. Grant told me, he had observed him to follow me up some part of Gracechurch-street, and by what he observ'd he thought he intended to pick my pocket. I put my hand into my pocket, and missed my handkerchief, I charg'd the boy with it, who said, he had not got it. We were then a little from the place where Mr. Grant had first hold on him against the wall, to which place we went, and there lay my handkerchief on the ground where he stood, (produc'd in court and depos'd to) so we took him before Sir Henry Marshall , who committed him.

Q. Did he confess any thing?

Salvay: He said there was some other little boy there, who might drop it and run away, and excused himself in that sort.

Q. What is the value of the handkerchief?

Salvay: Two shillings, it cost 4 s. 6 d. and has not been used much.

Q. Had you observed the prisoner to follow you?

Salvay: No, my lord, I had not.

John Grant did not appear when call'd.

Salvay: He intended to be here, but he can say no more; he told me, he did not see the prisoner pick my pocket.

Prisoner's Defence:

I was walking home along the street, and Mr. Grant came and laid hold on my arm, and said, I had some design to pick that gentleman's pocket, but I had no such design.


The Proceedings of the Old Bailey Ref: t17530906-1
6 Sep 1753

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