Poor Law, Settlements and Bastardy: Mary Gombleton Settlement examination

County of Dorsett

The examination of Mary Gombleton single woman now residing within the Town of Blandford Forum in the said County Taken on Oath before us two of his Majesty's Justices of the Peace for this County Touching her Settlement. The 19th Day of November in the year of our Lord 1749.

Who on her oath saith that she was born in the Parish of Anstey in the said County and that about eight years since she hired herself a Covenant Servant to John Farr of the Parish of Fontmell Magna in the said County Carpenter for one year at the yearly wages of fifty shillings and served the full year and received her years wages. Afterwards she went and hired herself to John Brag of the Parish of Milton Abbas in the said County Carpenter for one year for the wages of three pounds a year and served the full year and received her wages accordingly. And since that time she never did any act or deed to the best of her knowledge and belief whereby to gaine herself any Settlement otherwise than above mentioned.

Sworn before us the day and year first above written

Robt Barber
Wm Salkeld

The mark of Mary Gombleton

Dorset History Centre
PE/BF: OV 5/4
19 Nov 1749

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