Poor Law, Settlements and Bastardy: Jane Gumbleton removal order

City of Bath to [...] Overseers of the Poor of the Parish of North Cadbury.

Whereas Jane Gumbleton apprehended in the Parish of Walcot in the said City of Bath, as a rogue and a vagabond, that is to say wandering and begging.

And upon the Examination of the said Jane Gumbleton [...] it doth appear that the last legal place of settlement of the said Jane Gumbleton is in the said parish of North Cadbury.

These are therefore to require you the said Constables of the said city of Bath to convey the said Jane Gumbleton from and out of the said Parish of Walcot [...] to the Parish of North Cadbury.

9th December 1800

Jane Gumbleton upon her oath saith that she is now about eighteen years of age and was born in the Parish of North Cadbury in the County of Somerset since which time she hath done no act whereby to gain her a legal settlement elsewhere. The mark of + Jane Gumbleton.

Somerset Heritage Centre: R.O.T. 1800 (N.Cad) DD/X/PR32
9 Dec 1800

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