Gumbleton residences: Glynnatore, Conna, Co. Cork

Glynnatore, Conna, Co. Cork
The gates are the only part
that remains
Glynnatore (also known as Castleview), Conna, co Cork was built in 1791 by Robert Warren Gumbleton, facing across the River Bride to the ruins of the old Desmond castle of Mogeely. The original building was an imposing, three-storey mansion: the property included a walled fruit garden, coach house, stables and an impressive gateway with a lodge and a drive sweeping up to the house. The mansion has been demolished but hte gates remain.

On 18 December 1787, Robert Warren Gumbleton married Margaret Bowen of Oakgrove, Co. Cork. She was a descendant of Harry Bowen, a Colonel in Cromwell's army. They had three sons: Richard (who inherited the property, John Bowen and George.

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