Gumbleton residences: Fort William, Lismore, co. Waterford

Fort William, Lismore, co. Waterford
Fort William, Lismore, co Waterford was built in 1836 for John Bowen Gumbleton

The following chronology for Fortwilliam was compiled by J Peter Swann

Year Situation
???? Richard Gumbleton (III) of Castlerichard (formerly Ballygarron Castle) passes part of his estate, a separate townland of 110 acres, to his second son, William Conner Gumbleton (born ca. 1750), who calls the property Fortwilliam after himself. (It is not known whether there was already a house there, or if he built one.)
???? On William Conner’s death (unmarried), the property passes to his second eldest nephew, John Bowen Gumbleton, who (incidentally) marries Ann Everard in 1830.
1836 A new house is built on the property by John Bowen Gumbleton.
1858 John Bowen dies; his eldest surviving son, John Henry, is only 17, and still at school. The property is occupied by his daughter Anne and her husband Robert Beaufoy Hawley.
1861 Anne dies; John Henry graduates this year from Oxford aged 20.
1866 John Henry dies at sea; ownership passes 2/3 to his eldest sister Margaret Sarah Anne and 1/3 to his youngest surviving sister Frances who live (with their mother?) outside Torquay. ?Fortwilliam is occupied by tenants?
  Margaret dies while visiting Glanatore, and is buried in Lismore. Full ownership passes to Frances, who continues to live outside Torquay with her unmarried niece Mabel Currie as companion. ?Fortwilliam is occupied by tenants?
1910 A 21 year lease is granted to Richard Henry Keane, son of Sir Richard Keane
1912 Mabel Currie marries Edwin Foot.
  Frances dies, and ownership passes to John Currie, her late sister Meliora's youngest and only surviving son. John is serving under the Naval Attaché in St. Petersburg.
1932 John Currie sells Fortwilliam by auction, to meet business debts, to Mr Patrick Dunne, of Dungarvan.
ca 1944 Rt.Rev. Maxwell Homfray Maxwell-Gumbleton, g-g-nephew of JBG, returns the house to the family.
1946 Fortwilliam is purchased by the 2nd Duke or Duchess of Westminster as her house after their divorce.
1969 On the remarrige of the Duchess, Fortwilliam is purchased by Mr & Mrs Drummond Woolf.
???? Fortwilliam is sold to an American couple, Mr & Mrs Murray Mitchell.
???? Mr Mitchell dies, and Mrs Mitchell retains ownership.
  Mrs Mitchell dies, and Fortwilliam is again sold, this time to Mr & Mrs Ion Agnew.

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