Wills proved in the English Principal Probate Registry: Will of Elizabeth Gumbleton

Elizabeth Gumbleton of West-street Corfe Castle Dorsetshire spinster died 6 Oct 1921

Probate Blandford 24 Nov to Janet Gumbleton spinster
Effects £428 - 15s - 0d

Will of Elizabeth Gumbleton of West Street, Corfe Castle, spr..........give to sister Janet Gumbleton of 25 Saint Peters Street Bridford [sic - perhaps was going to write 'Bridport'] in the county of Bedford, Spr, all estate real and personal and sole executrix of estate. Made 3 Aug 1921.
Witnesses: Winifred Edith Conquest, West St, Corfe Castle, Dorset, nurse companion. G. Dru. Drury, Corfe Castle, Dorset, Physician & surgeon. Probate granted 24 Nov 1921 at Blandford to Janet Gumbleton.

Transcript from copy at Dorset Record Office

Principal Probate Registry
6 Oct 1921

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