Other wills and administrations: Will of John Gumbleton of Long Crichel

Date of will: 10 Sept 1664
John Gumbleton husbandman of Long Crichel, Dorset
Body to be buried at Long Crichel churchyard
To son Richard: all my wearing apparell and one chilner sheep
To Richard's son John: my stoning trough (after wife's decease)
To all other grandchildren: 12 pence each
To daughter Anne Rowle: one chilner sheep
To daughter Alice: £40, of which £30 to be paid within 6 months and a further £10 within 12 months.
Also to dau. Alice: £20 to be paid after wife's death
To Alice's brother Richard: my table board
All other goods, cattles and chattles to wife who is sole executor.
Brother William and son-in-law Edward Rowle to be overseers of will. Each to be given half a crown for ther pains
Proved 31 Jan 1664/5


  |                              |
John      = Unnamed wife   Brother William

Richard Anne = Edward Rowle Alice

Unknown index
10 Sep 1664

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