Other wills and administrations: Will of William Gumbleton senior of Tarrant Gurville


Date of will: 16 mar 1674/5
William Gumbleton senior of Tarrant Gurville
To wife Ann all corn [?] in both houses at Tarrant Gurville and all money due to me for corn. Also all victuals and wood and all household stuff for her use during her life. Also my dwelling house for her use during her life and £4 a year out of my leasehold.
To son William Gumbleton's 4 children: 25 shillings each.
To daughter Dorcas Walls: 25 shillings
To Dorcas's 3 children: 25 shillings each.
To daughter Jone Tuffen: 12 shillings and 6 pence
To Jone's 3 children: 12s 6d each
To Jone's son John: my Bible and 2 stores of bees
To grandchild Sarah Walls: £10 plus interest produced by the time she comes of age. Also one flock bedfurnishes, 2 pewter dishes, my brewing kettle, one coffer and one bellmetal pot.
To daughter Jone Tuffen: my bellmetal skillet
To son-in-law John Tuffen: my garner in my outhouse
To son William Gumbleton: everything else. He is sole executor.
Overseer: John Tuffen
To Christian Vincent four ?
To William Hussey (Godchild): 1 shilling
To Bridget Elms: £4
To Mary Troth: £4
To Susan Devale: £3
Proved: 27 June 1675

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In the name of God amen the 16th day of March anno Dom 1674 I William Gumbleton sen. of Tarrant Gunvill in the County of Dorset being sick of body but of whole mind make and ordain this my last will and testament in m.... and forme following that is to say first and principally I commend my soule into the hands of Almighty God my maker and redeemer and my body I commit to the Earth. And touching the disposall of all [...] [...] estate as it hath pleased Almighty God to bestowe on me I give and dispose thereof

Item I give and bequeath unto Ann my wife all my Corne[?] in both my dwelling houses situate in Tarrant Gunvill, and I giver her all the money due to me for Corne together with all my provision of victuall and wood and all my household stuff for to have the use of it during her life and [...] I give her my dwelling house during her life and four pounds a year out of my leasehold during her natural life and if my son William Gumbleton do change the lives on the said leases yet my will is that she shall have the sayd four pounds a year [...] during the sayd terme of her life if the [...] on the sayd lease shall happen so long to live and so be payd quarterly viz twenty shillings a quarter. Item I give unto my son William Gumbleton’s four children five and twenty shillings a piece when they come to age and if either of them shall happen to die before they come to age then my will is I [...] his her or their part be equally divided amongst the survivors.And if all shall die in their minoritie then my will is that it s[...] to the [...] executor

Item I give unto my daughter Dorcas Walls five and twenty shillings and to her three children five and twenty shillings a piece ......


                   William   = Ann
                   Gumbleton |
                   d.1674/5  |
   |                |                        |
 William          Dorcas = Mr Walls         Jone = John Tuffen
     |                   |                       |
4 children    Sarah + 2 other children       John + 2 other children

Unknown index
27 Jun 1675

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