Early censuses in England and Wales

Before 1841, in Britain, census records were routinely destroyed after the statistical information had been extracted. Records only survive where the enumerator's records were retained locally. These comprise just 791 census listings from the many thousands collected between 1801 and 1831 and they generally contain only names of the head-of-household and numbers of occupants of houses. There is no overall index of surviving names. See: Chapman, Colin R., Pre-1841 Censuses and Population Listings in the British Isles. Dursley, Gloucestershire, England : Lochin Publishing, 1998 (5th ed)

Only the early censuses for Deal, Kent have been searched for Gumbletons.

DatePersonSourceTitleLink to details
27 May 1811 Robert GUMBLETON Kent Family History Society microfiche no.177 1811 Deal, Kent, census Details
1821 Ann ENSOR Kent Family History Society microfiche no.177 1821 Deal, Kent, census Details

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