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Mrs. Gumbleton, Twyning
Estate of £108,425

The will, dated March 29 1911, with a short codicil of Sept. 27, 1914. oft the late Mrs. Isabella Matilda Gumbleton, of Twyning Manor, near Tewkesbury, widow Richard John Maxwell Gumbleton, J.P., of Twyning Manor and Glantore, County Waterford, has been proves by the executors, Mr. J. P. Sergeaunt, of Tewkesbury Park, and Mr. Charles WIlliam Murphy, of Curraglass, County Cork, to each of whom testatrix bequeaths £500 and expenses until the business is settled.

The gross value of the free estates is returned at £108,425 14s. 11d., including £107,111 1s net personalty.

Testatrix leaves legacies ranging from £100 each upwards to a dozen beneficiaries including Almeric, son of Dr. W. Devereux, of Tewkesbury. Each of her servants of two years standing has a year's wages.

She deired to be buried at Knockmore with her husband and children, and left £20 a year to the rector of the parish to keep their grave tidy and respectable.

She left £1,000 a year to her brother, James Stuart Des Barres for his life; and her motor-cars and £300 a year to Emily Des Barres. She bequeaths her Newfoundland property to her grand-nephew, Philip Des Barres, the income to accrue till he is 25 years old.

The following important and interesting bequests for public purposes are made:-

Birds' Farm, Twyning, to be invested in the names of trustees and the income applied to increasing the stipend of the vicar of Twyning as long as he preaches the Gospel as it is in Jesus and according to the Thirty Nine Articles of the Prayer-book, and if he should preach or practise the errors of the Church of Rome then the income from this farm is to go to the Baptists on condition that they hold a service every Sunday in Twyning.

£1,000 to the Church of England League for the ordination fund.

£1,000 to the Protestant Women's and Children's Hospital, Cork.

Her collection of foreign stamps and £100 to the Incurables Hospital, Cork.

All her china, plate, pictures, furniture, carriages and horses, and books to the Distressed Protestant Ladies of Ireland Society.

And the residue of her property to the Protestant Bishop of Cork for the Sustentation Fund on condition that he always keeps a clergyman, Protestant in every sense of the word, at a salary of £400 a year, at Knockmore.

Cheltenham Chronicle
2 Jun 1917

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