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Harriet Cox, 14, of Burleigh Place and Eunice Cranfield, 13, of James street, were charged with stealing a pair of ladies' boots from the shop of Mr Pash of Sidney Street on Saturday last. John Gumbleton, manager to Mr Pash said on Saturday between 10 and 11 o'clock the prisoners went into his shop and wanted to look at some boots. He shewed them several pairs which did not seem to suit them and whilst turning his back to reach another pair down, the prisoners secreted a pair in a bag which the younger prisoner carried. They then left the shop saying, as an excuse, that they liked the boots but had not sufficient money to pay for them and would ask their mother to come in the evening to buy them. Witness received information from the police on Monday morning and went to Mr Cole's and identified a pair of boots as belonging to him. Elizabeth Webb said the prisoners went into her shop in Petty Cury and asked to see some strong boots and while serving a customer the prisoners exchanged Mr Pash's boots for a pair belonging to the witness and left the shop giving the same excuse as they did to the last witness. Witness missed the boots very soon afterwards and looked out for them but could not see them but they passed the window again shortly and witness called them and asked them to pay for the boots which they'd taken away in exchange and which the elder prisoner had on. They paid for them and took the other boots with them. Mr Cole said the elder prisoner went into his shop on Saturday and pawned a pair of shoes in the name of Green of Gold Street and he lent a shilling on them. Mr Gumbleton went to his shop and identified the boots as belonging to Mr Pash. The mayor said it was very distressing to see 2 girls of such tender years placed in the position they were and thought the justice of the offence would be met by sentencing the prisoners to six weeks imprisonment each, with hard labour.

Cambridge Chronicle & University Journal
4 Mar 1865

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