Private papers, letters and diaries: Papers of Simon Pretor, Banker & Grocer of Sherborne, Dorset

Date: 1794
Place: Sherborne, Dorset

Papers of Simon Pretor, Banker & Grocer of Sherborne, Dorset

1794/5 refers to being in the grocer's business 40 years and trade now declining

8 mar 1794 To Thos. Sainsbury, esq, London. 'I am sorry to learn from my shopmen that the Roll Tobacco you sent me dont please. I fear I must return it.'

12 Apr 1794 'My shopman informs me the folowing articles are wanted...'

18 Nov 1794 To Kenneth Murchison, esq. 'The bearer is my shopman who travels every three months round your neighbourhood'

4 Jan 1795 'As I am about to sell my stock in trade and sell or let my house...'

9 Jan 1795 'My young man will call on you for payment...'

10 Jan 1795 To Smith Kemble & co. 'But my man Rob. Gumbleton who is honest a fellow as any within or without the Bills of Mortality can't be reconciled to his masters lossing a pd. of coffee value 2/4 as he vows and protests it was actually short 5 te [?] of what it was charged that he shifted it out if its original package and weighed it a second time. I tell him the people in London never make mistakes but I can't make him believe me. And further it dont seem to coincide with his understanding that this particular parcel should shrink a pd. after roasting and no other'

15 Jan 1795 'I have had some conversation with two people about my trade but nothing is yet concluded...'

26 Feb 1795 'Mr Collins Sir, I must beg you will insert the annexed advertisement in your next paper. You'll oblige me by putting it in a conspicuous part. If you have any [...?] with my neighbours Goadby [....?] charge the cost to them.

Grocery & Tea Trade Wholesale & Retail
To be disposed of the 1st of August next or sooner if desired. The Stock in Trade of that long and well established Grocery and Tea Shop situate at the upper end of the Shambles in the Market Place.
In which Mr. Pretor the present owner and occupier has carried on a successful trade for 36 years past during all of which time the house and premises have been in a constant state of improvement. The premises are freehold and remarkably convenient for the Business will be sold in fee or let on a lease for 18 years instans. If sold any reasonable part of the purchase money may remain on approved security. Further particulars may be known by personal application to Mr. Pretor who takes this opportunity to return his singular thanks to all his friends for their past favours and assures them that till he meets with a proper successor every exertion of himself and assistants will be used to give satisfaction.'

10 Mar 1795 To Mr William Lorner [?] 'At present I cannot treat with you having had a Personal application prior to yours. Nor do I think it would have answered your purpose. The person that takes my trade should have 1500 to 2000. I shall give no one my terms by letter, nor answer any that dont come post paid.'

18 April 1795 'I have disposed of my stock in trade to Jno. and Wm. ensor of this town to be delivered to them between Midsummer & 1st August.'

25 April 1795 '...I shall certainly recommend you to my successors. As Wm. Ensor has lived the last ten years in London, I am not clear but he may have connections of his own.'

16 May 1795 Mr Sealy Carried [??] 'I am sorry Robert and you could not agree for the above. It is certainly worth more than he offered it for. Yet as I have let my house and sold my stock to be delivered 1st of August I am willing to thin my stock and keep my customers together for the benefit of my successors. I have sent it.'

20 Jun 1795 'My successors are in London and I suppose have or will call on you.'

9 July 1795 'I have now declined my trade in favour of John & Wm. Ensor'

23 Jul 1795 ' Mr Baldwin, having declined my Trade as a Grocer and tea Man in favour of John & Wm. Ensor the latter of whom served his Apprenticeship [ ] in your city - I beg leave to recommend them to your notice. Observing in the News Papers the death of our worthy friend Mr Sainsbury, and finding myself indebted to him I beg to be informed to whom I must make the bill payable...'

31 Oct 1796 refers to 'my successors J & W Ensor'

1796 is asking for debt to be honoured, says no longer in business

10 Jan 1797 regarding character of John Baker 'He lived 2 or 3 years at my shop as an asistant to my shopman ....... I left my trade in August 1795 and he lived one year with my successors, whose service he left on account of their not caring to advance his wages as much as he required.'

11 Nov 1798 Letter to Jn & Wm Ensor (regarding butter)

1798 Land tax redeemed: John & William Ensor rent

1798-1803 John & William Ensor for and in respect of theirs and their father's joynt Bond for £400

23 Jun 1800 'pray send me the writings by my neighbour Ensor, whom I will desire to call on you.'

Microfilm source: Dorset Record Office

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