Private papers, letters and diaries: Letters of Vere Ward

(p 102) 31 May 1734 Letter from John Blennerhasset, Cork, to Judge Ward, Dublin.

'Mr. Bible of Curriglass [Co. Cork] haveing Imployed me to appear on two Actions ... at the Suit of John Mead Esqr. against your Lordship for £600 Debt, and the other for £1200 Debt at the suit of James Mead, have for your better information sent you Copies of the Declarations ... Our court here is adjourned to the 11th July next at which time we must plead or give 'em Judgement wherefore wou'd Desire your Lordships further Instructions ...

The High Sherriff came here this afternoon and called his Court with a Design of Exposing Curriglass and other Lands to sale for Gumbleton's debt ... but as the lands were not posted for a sale by virtue of that Writt, the Sherrif adjourned the Court till the 8th June and then he resolves the sale ...'

(p 107) 31 May 1734 Letter from James White, Youghal, Co Cork, to Berkley Taylor, Dublin.

'... I have sent to Bible to be with me Friday morn: my leaving Dublin was sudden on account of Mr. Bernard whose rents I receive and was obliged to run down and was vexed when I heard Mrs. Maynard mised me on the Road but as you are there I presume she is Easy, and as nothing will be done for her till my Return no settlement of hers being there ... I beg you will Enforce her in find mirth and pleasure for it seems she was terrifyed at Curriglass by all the Discourses there. I did not know Mr. Justice Ward had any Comands down here ... I fancy the Sheriff has done nothing this day on his writt of Gumbletons if he has it will be laid aside ...'

(p 111) 6 May 1734 Letter from Robert Maynard, Tallow, [Co Waterford], to Judge Ward, Dublin.

'I take leave to Inform you that one Richard Gumbleton a creditor of my brother has lodged since the 26th of March last a Tri: Fa: with the Sherrif of the County Cork who intends speedily (missing) Sell Severall Lease hold Interests viz: the half plowland of Mageely ... the Glasshouse Farm and part of Knockagarran ... and another piece of Land held at £86 p. ann. for 41 years commencing Lady-day 1723, there is due to Lord Cork for Rent and arrears £129 ... if I can be of any Service to Lord Allen and you upon that ... account he pleased to signify ... The Poll for Tallow when the Seneschale unfairly shutt the Books without polling out my voters.

Public Record Ooffice of Northern Ireland Ref: D2092/1/4

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