Armed Forces: Attestation papers of Herbert George Gumbleton

Short Service

Army form B265

7 years with the Colours and 5 years in the Reserve or, if the man completes his 7 years' service with the Colours while beyond the seas, then for a further period, not exceeding one year, with the Colours and the remainder of the 12 years in the Reserve.

No. 26945
Name: Herbert George GUMBLETON
Corps: Royal Artillery
Born in: Parish of Lambeth; town of London; county of Surrey
British subject: Yes
Age: 18 years 1 month
Trade or calling: Clerk
Resided out of father's house for 3 years: No
Apprentice: No
Married: No
Belong to army etc: No
Ever served in army etc: No
Truly stated previous service: Yes
Ever rejected for services: No
Willing to be vaccinated: Yes
What corps: Royal Artillery
Did you receive a notice: Yes from Sergt Henderson; corps: 15 Yorks
Willing to serve for 12 years etc: Yes
Taken at London 10 March 1898
Height 5ft 4 3/8 in
Weight 127 lb
chest: Min 33 in; max 35 in
Complexion: Fair
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Brown
Religion: CofE
Medical examination: Considered fit for army; 18 March 1898 London
Approved for recruitment into Royal Artillery: 21 Mar 1898, London
Distinctive marks: Scar left index finger

Mole cheek

Ever imprisoned: No
Service reckoned from 18 March 1898
Joined at Aldershot 21 Mar 1898
Service: Corps RHA; Posted; Rank driver; date 21 Mar 1898
Discharged Rank Driver Date 14 may 1898 (Not likely etc)

Unfitted for duties of Horse Artillery. Vide 115 Art 7 3177 Dr 45913

Military history sheet Country: Home; From: 18 March 1898; To: 14 May 1898; Days: 58
Next of kin: Father Richard GUMBLETON, 53 Knatchbull Road, Camberwell, London SE

10 Mar 1898

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