Armed Forces: Discharge papers of Stephen Gumbleton

Her Majesty's ninety fourth Regiment of Foot whereof Lieut. Genl. G P Higginson is Colonel.

Chatham 8th May 1861

Proceedings of a regimental board [...] verifying and recording the Services, Conduct, Character , and cause of Discharge of No. 2717 Private Stephen Gumbleton of the Regiment above mentioned.

Pte Stephen Gumbleton by trade a Labourer was born in the parish of Aldingbourne in or near the town of Chichester in the county of Sussex and was attested for the 94th Regiment of Foot at Rochester int he county of Kent on 11 October 1854 at the age of 24 years. Entitled to 1 year 135 days of service.

With regard to the character and conduct [...] it appears that they have been bad and that he is not in possession of any Good Conduct badge. He has been twice tried by Court Martial and 5 times entered in the Defaulters Book. He has never been wounded and has no medals.

Statement of service

  • Private 11 Oct 1854 to 24 Feb 1855 (137 days)
  • Absent without leave 25 Feb 1855 to 8 Mar 1855 (nil service)
  • Imprisoned 8 Mar 1855 to 7 Apr 1855 (nil service)
  • Private 8 Apr 1855 to 12 May 1855 (35 days)
  • Service forfeited by correction of desertion: 172 days
  • Deserted 13 May 1855
  • Total service allowed to 31 march 1857: one hundred and seventy two days.
  • Reformed from desertion 16 Aug 1859
  • Tried and imprisoned 17 Aug 1859 to 24 Dec 1859 (nil service)
  • Private 25 Dec 1859 to 8 May 1861 (1 year 135 days)
  • Further service from 9 May 1861 to 28 May 1861 (20 days)
Total service allowed: 1 year 155 days
8 May 1861

People mentioned

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