Street and Trade Directories: Cambridge 1873 directory

Cambridge 1873 directory
Gumbleton, John, wholesale & retail boot & shoe manufacturer (late Gumbleton brothers) Market St (see advert)

Advert section:

St Crispin’s Hall
Market Street, Opposite Trinity Church
Pro Bono Publico

Whenever new customers come to this shop,
Believe me they need no persuasion to stop;
For besides being firmly and well put together,
Our goods are made of the choisest of leather.
Our boots and our shoes may be easily worn,
On the top of a bunion, a chilblain or corn;
And even the lame we would have you to know,
Can be really suited at GUMBLETON’s depot.

A large and well selected assortment of Boots and Shoes of every description always in stock.

Cambridge 1873 (Kelly’s)

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